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Creating value in the hyperconnected world through APIs

Digital transformation projects are tricky beasts, with around 80% failing to deliver the business benefits and value as defined at the outset. However with social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions now evolving to become part of the technology mix for most organisations, you have an opportunity to break away from the peloton with a strong API strategy.


Two of Mitra Innovation’s leaders, Dammika Ganegama, Co-Founder and Managing Director, and Chinthi Weerasinghe, CEO Digital, have made The Echelon New Establishment’s Top 100 List.


Mitra Innovation celebrates awards night 2019 in chic starlit ambience


Moneta Money Bank

MONETA Money Bank (MONETA) provides retail and commercial banking, as well as other financial services in the Czech Republic. The bank services one milion clients, runs more than 200 branches and operates over 650 ATMs, offering customers current accounts, savings accounts, loans, mortgages, investment and insurance services.


Leap in! digitising human services with Mitra Innovation


How do you Plan to Embark Yourself in the Telco. Ecosystem Disruption?

The Mobile Industry Contribution to GDP is currently $3.9 Trillion. The number of Unique Mobile Subscribers is currently $5.1 Billion. The Penetration Rate is currently 67%. The Telco Ecosystem Market is poised to be a $100 trillion market opportunity in the next ten years.


Simplicity Through Innovation

Digital transformation, cloud enablement, and software development for ISVs,
Enterprises and Entrepreneurs


The Amazon Web Services Marketplace for
Machine Learning

Praedictio is Mitra’s cloud based data lake and Machine Learning (ML) framework fully deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform leveraging the underlying scalability, performance, security and accuracy of the AWS services to provide an end-to-end data lake and ML solution on the powerful AWS platform.


How to sell digital transformation to a big organisation

Big organisations run big operations. Big operations are made up of many smaller operations working together in tandem – to produce a desired outcome. Today however, most of the bigger organisations have already implemented some or many types of systems to plan, control and monitor the numerous operations carried out.


Developing PSD2 compliance and strengthening open-banking capabilities for a major digital financial solutions provider using key WSO2 technologies


Leveraging Amazon Web Service for rapid expansion for Christie Spaces

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Mitra Innovation celebrates awards night 2019 in chic starlit ambience

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Generating new revenues by monetising data

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