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Accelerate and optimize your application testing with
low-code automation

Customer Challenges

Trying to reduce your dependencies on technical skills and scripting to run a test?

Overwhelmed by scripting for multiple paradigms and wish to have an automation approach?

Is maintaining your automation test bed a nightmare?

Our Expertise

Leverage a low-code test automation accelerator to increase testing efficiency and high quality delivery

Automate twice as fast

Higher quality code

Generate fewer bugs

Lower than half the cost

Faster, improved outcomes

Tall Elf

Simplify, accelerate and optimize your application delivery with Tall Elf low-code test automation

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Using a simplified interface and English language based commands to generate scripts

Single low-code language base to generate test automation scripts in multiple languages

Comprehensive testing with pre-built tests, versatile script management, and accelerated testing

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Ready to deploy solutions and accelerators

Upgrade and customize your Rocket UniVerse interface for easy navigation, greater accessibility, and seamless integration.

Optimized, pragmatic and functional approach to provide a clear roadmap and budgets for secure and seamless

Unique one-stop solution to manage your leads & close deals faster by helping you configure, price, quote, negotiate, and automate workflows

Design, build and operate secure cloud based applications and systems from inception to deployment and throughout in-life operation with certified security experts

Open-source enterprise platform and methodology for integrating platforms and systems to deliver world-class seamless integration across Banking and Financial Services industries.

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Industry Focus

Find out how we worked with utility and telecom providers to provide integration solutions to complex legacy platforms and architectures, improving data and asset management, efficiency and security.

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Our Services

Empower your business for seamless operations, innovation, and growth by taking full advantage of automation and cloud