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Shift Left Security NOW!

Are you still trying to retrofit Security into your Cloud Applications?

Customer Challenges

Trying to get your applications built without worrying about growing security threats?

Worried about security at all stages of your software development lifecycle?

Is there a way to not worry about security and focus on business growth?

Our Expertise

Mitra’s Security First Framework enables DevSecOps by making security native to people, process and technology

Improved Security Posture

Reduced Rework

Faster Delivery

Easy Integrations

Improved Outcomes

SFF Framework

Design, build and operate secure cloud-based applications and systems from inception to deployment and throughout in-life operation with certified security experts

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Security process and tooling built into Mitra’s Design, Build and Operate processes

Training on the Security Toolkit for Engineering and Managed Services teams

Code libraries for Secure features built by Mitra or verified-as-secure open source

Delivery audits to ensure Mitra teams follow the best practices of SFF

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Ready to deploy solutions and accelerators

Upgrade and customize your Rocket UniVerse interface for easy navigation, greater accessibility, and seamless integration.

Optimized, pragmatic and functional approach to provide a clear roadmap and budgets for secure and seamless migrations

Simplify, accelerate and optimize your application delivery with Tall Elf low-code test automation

Open-source enterprise platform and methodology for integrating platforms and systems to deliver world-class seamless integration across Banking and Financial Services industries

Unique one-stop solution to manage your leads & close deals faster by helping you configure, price, quote, negotiate, and automate workflows

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Industry Focus

Find out how we are helping Digital Banks and Insurance companies leverage the power of no-code automation to deliver transformation experiences and unprecedented operational efficiencies.

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Our Services

Empower your business for seamless operations, innovation, and growth by taking full advantage of automation and cloud