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Rocket UniVerse,
UI Modernization, and Feature Customization

Our expert team offers complete support for all your Rocket U2 requirements, including designing and updating user interfaces, as well as developing new features.

Is Rocket UniVerse Holding You Back?

The Rocket U2 database suite, with its two parts; ‘Rocket UniVerse’ and ‘Rocket UniData’, was made over 35 years ago. If your organization uses these platforms, you might already be facing these limitations?

Is the old and complex system reducing productivity?

Is it hard to train new users & cause user errors due to its steep learning curve?

Does using OpenText commands to develop make it slow to add new features or make changes?

Can’t use it well on phones, laptops, or other devices because it lacks a modern responsive web interface?

When something goes wrong, is it tough to find helpful tech-support?

Mitra Understands Your Challenges

Our expert team has helped many organizations like yours update and tailor Rocket UniVerse. Even if you’ve made modifications, we can improve it to make it easier to use. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Create modern, easy-to-use interfaces and navigation.

Tailor user interfaces to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Offer simple, responsive web access on all devices like laptops, phones, and tablets.

Add advanced options like Business Intelligence (BI) reports and integration to other platforms (if needed).

Provide tech support and managed services based on your requirements.

We take the Tech Burden out of your hands.

We combine cutting edge technologies with Rocket Software’s UniObjects for Python (UOPY) and Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) to modernize your systems. All our systems undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure you don’t have to compromise on performance, accessibility and security.

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Here’s how you can start your modernization journey

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  2. Get a custom modernization plan designed for your specific needs.
  3. We develop and implement a solution to help your business succeed.
  4. Our systems are easy to use but we provide training to ensure your team transitions smoothly, along with post implementation support.
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