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End-to-end open banking compliance with the platform for digital transformation

Customer Challenges

Struggling to unify your data, make sense of scattered accounts and gain a comprehensive view effortlessly?

Worried about the security of your banks information and struggling to ensure robust data protection and privacy?

Finding it difficult to integrate and manage multiple financial accounts and track transactions efficiently?

Our Expertise

Core technical capabilities across integration,authentication, management, data aggregation and security to enable future-ready banking

Comprehensive technology and services

API templates & Security profiles

Cost effective with rich experience

Future-ready business models

Future-proof customer offerings

Open Banking Solution

Open-source enterprise platform and methodology for integrating platforms and systems to deliver world-class seamless integration across Banking and Financial Services industries.

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Ready to deploy solutions and accelerators

Upgrade and customize your Rocket UniVerse interface for easy navigation, greater accessibility, and seamless integration.

Integrate leading-edge security tools, pipelines, monitoring dashboards and practices for system-wide protection and real-time alerts.

A sales accelerator for CRMs to increase sales efficiency by automating “Configure, Price and Quote” to deliver a better customer experience.

Upgrade WSO2 middleware setup to the latest version and discover improved performance and reliability with Mitra Migration Framework.

Accelerate and optimise application testing for higher quality code with Tall Elf, a low-code test automation tool to deliver a higher ROI.

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Featured Industry

Find out how we support service providers and hospitals to design innovative at-home technology for the elderly.

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Our Services

Empower your business for seamless operations, innovation, and growth by taking full advantage of automation and cloud