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Purpose-Built Insurance Solutions with No-Code.

One Suite. Many Outcomes

Transform manual processes, enhance integration, boost customer experiences, empower support, and increase visibility with ease!

Shift gears into a new era of insurance with our suite, built on a top-of-the-line no-code platform.

Improve Operational Efficiency

E2E automated workflows & streamlined integration to core systems

Accelerate Insight-led Decision-Making

AI-driven analytics & real-time configurable dashboards

Enhance Customer Experience

Self-service portals to fast-track request resolution, reduce incoming service requests

Augment Visibility of Customer and Distributor Relationships

With a comprehensive view of data from multiple systems

Elevate Employee Experience

Reduce mundane workloads, improve visibility into customer journey, provide AI-led insights

Improve Bottomline

With actionable insights, real-time predictions about customer behavior and their premium potential

Insight driven Marketing and Sales Automation

Addressing value differences in customer messaging is challenging, compounded by limited visibility into interactions and labor-intensive contracting. Effective management of marketing investments based on ROI is critical.

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AI-led Marketing Automation

Integrated Omnichannel Communication

Highly personalized marketing

Hyper Segmentation

Swift CPQ Solutions

Connected Distributor
Management System

Efficient distributor management face challenges from labor-intensive onboarding, limited product performance visibility to inadequate support, and a lack of streamlined distribution mechanisms. This necessitates urgent attention for enhanced operational efficacy.

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Unified Distributor 360

RFM Score

Configurable Real-Time Dashboards

Gamified Insights

Next best action predictions

Streamlined New Business and Customer Onboarding

Efficient new customer onboarding faces several challenges: complex documentation, labor-intensive contracting, high communication volumes, and lack of integrations with core insurance systems creating poor agent and customer experiences.

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Self Service Agent Portals

Advanced OCR Capabilities

Omnichannel Communication

Streamlined Core Integrations

Growth insights

Insightful Policy Servicing

Insufficient insights and analytics pose a challenge for effective decision-making, often resulting in policy lapses. Customers’ experiences suffer due to the unavailability of self-servicing options, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. This demands immediate attention for improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Self Service Customer Portals

AI-led Next Best Actions

Proactive Alerts and Reminders

Customer 360

Policy surrender predictions

Hit the ground running with no-code insurance solutions.