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We help you maximize the value of the cloud

With secure, resilient and sustainable business solutions

Value Proposition

Services designed to deliver new digital experiences, revenue streams and business models to meet rising customer expectations and accelerate your growth.

Outcome-driven approach for rapid time-to-value

Delivered on the foundation of security, resilience and scalability

Deep cloud tech and business expertise with world class talent

Strong partnerships and a culture of collaboration

Our Services

Reinvent your applications, infrastructure and processes for greater agility by taking full advantage of automation and cloud

Cloud Native Platform Engineering

Utilize cloud native capabilities for enterprise growth, efficiency, and outstanding performance through secure microservices architecture and best practices.

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Cloud Transformation

Design a cloud strategy to enhance business processes, customer experience, competitiveness, profitability, and adapt to evolving market demands.

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Cloud Integration

Custom integration solutions to enhance business agility by connecting strategic partners, technologies, and services, enhancing market insight and customer experience.

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Process Automation

Streamline business processes, to help reduce cost and time overheads whilst improving business-wide governance, risk management and compliance.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Working with Mitra Innovation has truly enabled Moneta to further its digital transformation aspirations. It has been a pleasure working with the Mitra team, whose work has created such a huge difference to the organisation and the future of Moneta. Without Mitra, we simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have for our customers, and for that, I thank them.

Vladimir KleinCIO of Moneta Money Bank

As the Head of IT Development at Travis Perkins, I have been truly impressed with the Mitra Innovation team and I am thrilled we chose them as our partner for this important integration project.
Mitra Innovation has brought WSO2 systems integration expertise to Travis Perkins and has enabled existing and new technologies to communicate across our systems.
There is a strong relationship between us, which is bolstered by Mitra’s drive to find innovative solutions and ensure the best result. The determination and commitment of Mitra is enabling us to achieve our goals for delivering the next generation of tech evolution for Travis Perkins.

Chris StoneHead of IT Development, Travis Perkins

I’d recommend Mitra to anyone because of their ‘can-do’ attitude. The solution we have, not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Communication was particularly good and the positive way the project was run was also very encouraging. We’re very pleased with the result we got from the Mitra team and I see an opportunity for us to work together to develop this platform, and to automate and improve other processes within Red Moki.

Greg WoolleyCEO, Red Moki

The Mitra team took the time to understand the context of where we were in our digital transformation programme and showed us how we could realise our ambitions with a tailor-made integration platform. Not only do we now have an architecture blueprint that will enable us to increase our ability to be agile and responsive, but we also have a roadmap of how to get there.

Karl WalkerHead of Architecture at University of Exeter

Special tech teams possess a profound understanding of the business, boast extensive technical expertise, uphold rigorous quality standards, excel in collaboration and communication, and consistently deliver on commitments. In short, they make a difference in people’s lives. The Mitra Leap in! team, is a team like this.
Our team actively develops exceptional systems, like the Leap in! app, which empowers customers to easily manage finances, invoices, profiles, and account history, despite disabilities. Working with extraordinary individuals, we achieve remarkable feats. Future plans include streamlining our back office, optimizing budgets, and personalized support for members. As we persist in growing and innovating, I eagerly anticipate the unfolding of new features and advancements on our journey.

Jane SheehyCTO of Leap in!

Dive into our Industry Focus

Unprecedented transformation experience and operational efficiency for digital banks and insurance companies with no-code solutions.

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Mitra Solutions

Our ready-to-deploy tools, accelerators, and solution frameworks

Integrate leading-edge security tools, pipelines, monitoring dashboards and practices for system-wide protection and real-time alerts.

Upgrade and customize your Rocket UniVerse interface for easy navigation, greater accessibility, and seamless integration.

miOpenBanking framework accelerates banks to generate tomorrow’s revenue potential today via Open Banking connectivity.

A sales accelerator for CRMs to increase sales efficiency by automating “Configure, Price and Quote” to deliver a better customer experience.

Upgrade WSO2 middleware setup to the latest version and discover improved performance and reliability with Mitra Migration Framework.

Accelerate and optimise application testing for higher quality code with Tall Elf, a low-code test automation tool to deliver a higher ROI.

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