Mitra take ideas and develop them into comprehensive, resilient solutions. We deliver the business benefits not just the underlying technology.

System Integration

At Mitra we believe systems integration is at the heart of digital enablement. As businesses evolve and grow, disparate legacy systems can affect productivity and sabotage the customer experience. We help you rationalise and integrate your systems, delivering clarity and a seamless end-to-end user experience.

Project Discovery

With a timescale of between 10-15 days, we conduct stakeholder interviews and a needs analysis to establish your goals and vision for your business. We look at existing platforms, applications and data. We then design a bespoke solution, with accompanying roadmap, architecture and project plan. We go on to provide continuous validation for the life of the project.

Backlog Accelerator

This is a structured workshop to help you prepare for an agile sprint. Mitra can help you collate the backlog, or list of tasks for the planned sprint, prioritise them and assign them to team members.

Mobile Application Development

Mitra develop mobile apps tailored to your specific business requirements. This can be public facing, bringing your products and services seamlessly to your customers, or for your own internal workforce, streamlining communication and collaboration.

Web Application Development

We design web applications that are indistinguishable from a native application in terms of usability and performance. Everything from online banking to shopping sites, cleverly designed to utilise the scalable power of the cloud server and the flexibility and light touch of a web client.

Bespoke Development

Whatever your business requirements, we can tailor our software solutions to your exact needs. Bespoke, full stack development means you get exactly what you want, a solution that focuses on your business and addresses your core challenges and opportunities.

Staff Augmentation

Scaling up your workforce to take on digital projects can be costly and time consuming. Mitra has a pool of highly skilled technical experts, from software developers to data experts and IT operations staff. We can help your business succeed, with the right help at the right time.


We use prototyping and proof-of-concept (POC) experiments to check the technical feasibility of proposed solutions. This process helps clients to visualise the finished product or service and provide feedback, tailoring the solutions to their exact requirements. Should funding from internal or external investors be necessary, an elegant prototype can win hearts and minds.

Tech Validations

Mitra will assess the technical feasibility of a planned software development approach or the use of a particular tool or platform. We can undertake tasks from assessing product or service design, reviewing the architecture, testing out the features, discussing the implementation approach and ensuring adequate and suitable resources.


Our experienced team of innovation and technology experts
will understand your business, feel your pain points and help
develop your digital vision.

Accelerated Innovation Forum

At Mitra, we believe in listening first. We run intensive innovation acceleration workshops to engage with our key client stakeholders. This allows us to identify and explore solutions to our clients’ business and technology problems and identify opportunities for rapid implementation.

Architectural Consultancy

The devil is in the detail, and we find running iterative workshops to develop a digital architectural “blueprint” with our clients is essential.  We always agree an accompanying implementation roadmap for any recommended technology solution, whether it be cloud migration, system integration, application development or data management and control.

Data Analytics & Visualisation

At Mitra we believe in making your data work for you. We develop smart algorithms based on your requirements and apply machine learning to your data sets. We use our extensive visualisation skills to ensure patterns and trends are presented to your desired specification, adding clarity to your operations and informing all your strategic business decisions.

Product Evaluations

We know a lot about the digital industry, and we share that knowledge with our clients. We will analyse your specific innovation and technology requirements, recommending leading products and services from 3rd parties that are the best fit. Our recommended options always come with clear reasoning, full costings and a detailed implementation plan.

Vendor Evaluations

Selecting the right software vendor can be a tricky business. Mitra can help you clarify your software requirements by understanding your IT strategy & operational business needs. We can assess your software vendor options, facilitate the RFP process and undertake full implementation, integration and testing if required.

Existing Technology Evaluations

We can help you see the wood for the trees. By reviewing your use of existing technologies, we can identify any gaps, and suggest areas for improvement and consolidation.  We will also advise where current market offerings, methodologies and best practices can be harnessed for your business.

Application / Solution Reviews

At a granular level, we can review your existing software applications and solutions.  We can analyse these in the context of their operational and business effectiveness and recommend changes and improvements, whilst always providing a roadmap of how to achieve them.


From understanding your business issues and opportunities, to launching your
new systems or products, we will work with you at every stage of the innovation lifecycle.

Project & Program Management

Irrespective of size and complexity, Mitra can help with every aspect of project and programme management. From business analysis and stakeholder management, through to the planning, execution and benefits realisation, we can support the entire project lifecycle.

UI / UX Design

From designing a simple graphical app user interface on a mobile device to curating the entire user experience, Mitra understands the importance of design thinking. Whether it’s promotion, acquisition, out of the box or setup, in life usage or upgrades and replacement, we can design, develop and evolve every aspect of the user experience.

Business Analysis & Consultancy

We go the extra mile to understand your business and identify where there are problems to be solved or opportunities for improvement.  We bring clarity by laying out the economic and technological implications and options, which we then translate into a series of specific technology, application and system recommendations.

Software Engineering

Having employed a broad range of tools and techniques over many years, our vast experience of software development not only ensures exceptionally high quality code, we also bring the knowledge and experience to take on any development project and deliver it successfully.

Quality Assurance

At Mitra we always ensure that any software, system or integration we create is thoroughly and rigorously tested. Our testing services help deliver resilient, bug free solutions that are optimised for the environment in which they will operate. We will keep you advised of revisions and release timetables going forward.

User Acceptance Testing

Our experienced testers and rigorous approach to UAT means our applications, web services and apps are proven to meet user requirements ahead of deployment. Testing ensures the high quality of the software, the integration of systems and data and the ease of use of the graphical user interface.

DevOps & Maintenance

One of the ways Mitra helps clients drive digital innovation is via DevOps. Through continuous integration and continuous deployment, we remove the barriers between development and deployment. Once deployed, we keep systems running with regular reviews and revisions.


Enjoy the benefits of managed business continuity, predictable spend,
cyber security and ongoing cloud migration, and keeping patches and
security updates current.

Onboarding & Training

Mitra can provide the right training at the right time for the right people. By ensuring staff are fully engaged in the digital transformation process, we can help ease changes to systems and applications, helping your business reap the benefits of innovation. 

Updates Patches

Many businesses struggle to stay on top of software and system updates and security patches. Mitra take responsibility for keeping your applications, systems and platforms secure at all times by use of stringent version control and update policies.

Security & Access Control

Mitra are proactive in the support of your managed applications, systems and processes.  We identify potential risks and failures and we fix them before they affect your business. Mitra will remotely manage access control across your entire IT estate for staff and customers.

Data Integrity & Quality

Experts in data science, Mitra can scale its Managed Services from a single data source to a cloud based, enterprise data lake. As well as monitoring data sources and flows to maintain data security, Mitra will put in place comprehensive business continuity plans.

Increased Automation

With a Mitra Managed Service you feel the direct benefits of increased automation of IT tasks. We keep your costs low by streamlining workflow, reducing staff costs for repetitive, manual tasks and keep our service levels high with timely, automated, enterprise-wide updates.

Optimisation of Lifetime Costs

Moving to the fixed, regular, reduced cost of a Managed Service thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), makes sound business sense. Especially when it allows redirection of highly skilled IT staff to revenue generating projects, while also eliminating the costs of keeping hardware and licences up to date, and support services and individual business continuity plans in place.  

APIs & Rapid Innovation

Building the protocols for data exchange or sharing services online, isn’t enough in itself to attract business partners to use your platforms. Mitra can support your API lifecycle demonstrating clear ownership and accountability, promoting engagement and rapid innovation on your platform.

Roadmap Management

As part of the in-life management of your platform, Mitra will ensure your digital roadmap is nurtured and kept fit for purpose. We outline future product functionality and advise when new features or versions will be released.

Innovation & Evoluation

Mitra will continually assess how your product or service is evolving. Over time we will be creative with your platform, we will innovate, introduce new functionality while ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness, as services grow and mature.  


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