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Strategic collaborations to fuel innovation and excellence

Stronger Together

Unlocking synergies through collaborative corporate partnerships

Mitra, a Creatio Integration Partner, empowers global clients with Creatio’s intelligent, low-code platform, tailored for the insurance industry. Leveraging out-of-the-box tools, Mitra streamlines business processes, encompassing modeling, execution, monitoring, and analysis. We identify client needs and harness Creatio’s visual designer tools, templates, and wizards to craft customized, modular business processes. This approach accelerates development with minimal coding, simplifying expansion and maintenance for efficient and effective workflow management.

As a WSO2 Platinum Partner, Mitra has spent well over a decade helping clients deliver integration, API management and IAM projects using the global, open-source, middleware platform. We specialize in Open Banking (OB), Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and Telecommunications, and have applied WSO2 technology to the business problems and opportunities of our global clients in 21 countries. Our broad range of skills, including low-code/no-code, co-development, managed services and a security first approach, mean Mitra will deliver, manage and maintain WSO2 solutions across your enterprise, ensuring it remains state of the art and secure.

GitLab, a cloud-based Git and DevOps platform, revolutionizes software development. While its initial strength lay in cloud Git repositories, today it encompasses a rich array of DevOps functionalities, including continuous integration, security, and application deployment tools.As GitLab’s partner, Mitra Innovation leverages product sales discounts, referral fees, expanding recurring revenues, renewals, and delivering deployment and consulting services to significantly enhance our corporate bottom lines.

Mitra’s team of experts excels in every facet of service development and delivery through Azure, Microsoft’s Global Cloud Platform. Azure ensures swift innovation while upholding data and process security. Whether you’re transitioning your existing data center to the cloud or forging cloud-native applications from the ground up, our proficient developers and architects collaborate with you to curate Azure’s services and products. These are customized to your requirements and seamlessly scaled, ensuring a secure, innovative, and efficient migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Mitra, an AWS Consulting Partner, specializes in tailoring Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings to match your corporate requirements. Whether you’re transitioning existing systems to the cloud or embarking on digital transformation, we guide you in harnessing the full potential of AWS. We identify the most advantageous services, design, migrate, and manage workloads, amplify customer experiences, and offer comprehensive multi-level support. Unlock the power, diversity, flexibility, and scalability of AWS with Mitra.

Mitra’s strategic partnership with Boomi, a specialist in connectivity, integration, and automation, elevates its integration practice. Boomi’s platform, trusted by over 21,000 global clients, ensures choice, ease of use, stability, and scalability for all integration needs and Mitra extends Boomi’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to its valued clients. Our partnership with Boomi allows us to deliver seamless integration and accelerated digital transformation, connecting everything faster, leaving no IT system behind, and confidently self-managing.

Mitra’s partnership with OpenLegacy offers their clients pioneering, next-level digital integration by connecting legacy systems, including servers, applications, and databases, and exposing them as microservice-based APIs, serverless functions, and other modern services. Recognizing the prevalence of legacy technology in established organizations, OpenLegacy is determined to ‘un-stick’ the functionality and data that often prove a barrier to innovation, migration, and growth. With global reach, Mitra aims to promote OpenLegacy across all markets, offering its enterprise customers a faster, more efficient alternative to traditional middleware migration.