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Unlock limitless possibilities with our WSO2 and cloud integration specialists

Customer Challenges

Struggling to manage and maintain multiple on-premises systems efficiently, and data accessibility?

Challenging to collaborate and share information across teams located in different locations?

Concerned about the security and backup of your critical data?

Our Services

Seamless cloud integration for effortless data management, streamlined processes and enhanced productivity integration stacks


Seamlessly connects WSO2 and non-WSO2 systems, enabling efficient data flow and communication. Facilitate streamlined integration for enhanced functionality and productivity.

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Identity and Access Management

Secure and controlled access to cloud resources, safeguarding data and systems while managing user identities and authentication.

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Data engineering

Transform, optimize, cleanse, and migrate data to enable seamless connections between on-premise and cloud systems, ensuring accurate and efficient data exchange for informed decision-making.

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Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to automate data mapping, enhance data quality, and anticipate integration challenges, ensuring a smarter, more efficient, and future-ready integration solution.

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Engineered By Mitra

University of Exeter leveraged Mitra Innovation

Rapid Integration Excellence Program provided technical expertise to aid University’s replacement of their legacy Financial System, POC up and running in 10 working days.

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“With a whole host of legacy systems in place and ambitions to move to the cloud, we knew we needed a rock-solid integration platform and a clear plan that would help us to implement the necessary changes with minimal disruption. For this, we needed an outside perspective to get an understanding of our platform requirements and implementation strategy.

The Mitra team took the time to understand the context of where we were in our digital transformation programme and showed us how we could realise our ambitions with a tailor-made integration platform. Not only do we now have an architecture blueprint that will enable us to increase our ability to be agile and responsive, but we also have a roadmap of how to get there.”

Karl Walker, Head of Architecture
University of Exeter

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Effortlessly integrate your systems, including both WSO2 and non-WSO2 technologies, to optimize data flow and communication. Ensure efficient connectivity, enhance overall functionality and productivity. Streamline the integration process, making it a seamless experience for the business. Empower organizations to maximize the potential of their systems, driving efficiency, and productivity.

Protect your data with secure cloud access

Identity and Access Management

Protect your data and maintain stringent control over user access to ensure that only authorized individuals can interact with your cloud resources. Strengthens security measures, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Prioritize data security in the ever-evolving digital landscape, and confidently harness the power of cloud integration, knowing that your data is safe, accessible only to those who need it, and in full compliance.

Mitra streamlines the customer experience for Cellcard

Mitra helped Cellcard reduce the transaction load on the OCS from six million transactions to two million transactions per day, a 66% reduction.

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Maximize the potential of your cloud integration with data optimization at its core.

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Data Engineering

Reshape, refine, and migrate your data, creating a seamless bridge between your on-premise and cloud systems. Guarantee precise and efficient data exchange, paving the way for well-informed decision-making. Streamline data processes and empower your organization to fully leverage the advantages of cloud integration benefitting from accurate, timely, and valuable insights while minimizing disruptions and errors in data handling.

Mitra Deliver PSD2 and Open Banking Compliance

Mitra Innovation built a rapid proof of concept model which was used to develop a secure, resilient, scalable and market-ready payment gateway solution that is compliant with PSD2 and Open Banking standards

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Transform your cloud integration strategy with the cutting-edge power of AI


Automate complex process of data mapping, elevate data quality, and anticipate integration hurdles. Ensure a forward-thinking, highly efficient, and future-proof integration solution. Harness the capabilities of AI to streamline integration processes and make them smarter and more adaptable, staying ahead of the curve and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Mitra uses tech to improve cricketing performance

Login/RegisterMitra designed an effective way to test shoe mounted no-ball devices for accuracy and reliability. The API and dashboard developed gathers data providing performance analytics, training guidance and metrics to help prevent injury.

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Quality Engineering

Ensure seamless integration, scalability, and security, optimize cloud infrastructure, deploy robust solutions, and provide ongoing support to help maximize efficiency and unlock the full potential of cloud technology.

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