SC Lowy is a privately-owned global banking group that specializes in distressed and high-yield fixed income markets.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, SC Lowy maintains a balance sheet that exceeds US$2 billion. The firm trades more than US$25 billion in loans and bonds annually with a network of 1,200 institutional investors across Europe, Asia and in the Americas, placing it as a leading operator in distressed and high-yield credit markets across the globe.


With the number of investors growing and the level of interactions around potential clients also increasing, SC Lowy had outgrown their existing CRM. They required a resilient, scalable and fully integrated system that would handle their large volumes of transactions seamlessly and securely. There was also a requirement to keep development time to a minimum, with aggressive implementation targets.


Mitra designed a prototype using the Creatio low-code CRM solution to demonstrate their understanding of the client’s requirements and how the system could alleviate the issues around data capture and improving the client experience.

Once the prototype was signed off by SC Lowy, Mitra completed development, capturing customer information and details of client conversations with better reporting and dashboarding features. SC Lowy had a unique requirement, to promote many products to one or many customers at a given point of time. Mitra created a system where employees only had to enter data into the system on a particular customer or new product, once.  The data was then replicated across other applications and systems automatically, allowing for targeted promotional offers and benefits for specific clients to be seamlessly communicated. 


Creatio low-code allows for rapid prototyping and this in turn allows for a very rapid proof of concept with the client. Mitra Innovation deployed a secure, fully integrated CRM solution, customised to SC Lowy’s precise and unique requirements. This was a significant integration piece, made simpler by Creatio’s low-code platform.


Rapid deployment using Creatio low-code

One point of data entry for all client and product details has reduced duplication of effort and data inaccuracies

More efficient system has led to increased customer satisfaction

The fully integrated CRM system is tailored to SC Lowy’s precise requirements