Red Moki is a New Zealand based IT consultancy and an implementation partner of ServiceNow, specialising in digital transformation and working with a range of premium clients, including banks. Since its inception, 3 years ago, the company has grown to over 60 employees based in New Zealand and India. Currently their annual revenue is around US$10 million.


As Red Moki grew, they wanted to develop a lead and opportunity tracking system with the ability to capture revenue from products and services at the point those revenue items occurred. Traditional CRM solutions capture and forecast the value of an opportunity using the close date, rather than when the revenue is received. As a services company, Red Moki often received their revenue via a structured payment plan and wanted a tracking system to reflect that, providing more accurate forecasts. Having evaluated a number of options they decided against an off-the-shelf, cloud-based system. Instead, they chose Creatio, so the solution could be tailored to their specific requirements and they could also enjoy the benefits of rapid delivery. Creatio appointed Mitra Innovation to design and implement the required solution.

I’d recommend Mitra to anyone because of their ‘can-do’ attitude. The solution we have, not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Communication was particularly good and the positive way the project was run was also very encouraging. We’re very pleased with the result we got from the Mitra team and I see an opportunity for us to work together to develop this platform, and to automate and improve other processes within Red Moki.

Greg WoolleyCEO, Red Moki


Mitra Innovation used Creatio to design and implement a customised revenue tracking solution. Using the low-code, Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) features of the Creatio platform, and the iterative approach by the Mitra team, meant the complex business logic and calculations behind the solution were seamlessly applied to achieve accurate revenue forecasting. The system captures recurring revenue, managed services revenue and product revenue, along with cash flow information to provide a comprehensive and timely view of the revenue forecast. Using low-code meant the solution was developed and deployed much faster than using traditional methods and the iterative approach used meant the resulting solution was exactly tailored to Red Moki’s requirements.

Creatio Experts

Mitra Innovation is a Creatio Integrator Partner and helped Red Moki leverage this intelligent platform to build a bespoke revenue forecast platform.

Revenue Forecasting

By applying complex business logic, Mitra were able to build an accurate revenue stream forecasting solution. Recalculation of expected revenue streams is undertaken automatically if close dates change.

Rapid Deployment

By increasing the speed of deployment using low-code, Mitra kept project costs down and delivered an agile solution that integrated seamlessly with existing systems.


Mitra provided Red Moki with a low-code solution, tailored to their exact needs, on a fully integrated platform, and in a rapid time frame. The system provides all the traditional CRM functionality, with a single data repository of customers and contacts, but also for each opportunity, it provides a comprehensive revenue forecasting function, with details of exactly when that revenue is likely to be received. Red Moki have been able to use this CRM solution to manage leads and opportunities more efficiently, predicting the probability of lead conversion and expected revenue, and more effectively directing effort and resources. 


Classic CRM solution with a centralised customer and secure contact database 

Bespoke CRM solution, customised to the exact needs of client

Accurate revenue stream forecasting allows for planning and capital investment

Rapid deployment using Creatio low-code functionality

Insight into lead/opportunity management process

Customer Testimonial - Greg Wooley, CEO of Red Moki