Mitra's Dynamedics Promotes Safe Working Practices


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Founded in 1973 with the goal of delivering high-quality, multi-family residential building services, Plumb House Inc has brought over 20,000 apartment units to market. As a general contractor, specialising in wood frame and cast-in-place housing projects, Plumb House has worked with military, municipal, private and non-profit owners, earning a reputation as a premier general contractor throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, successfully delivering quality projects on time and to budget.



Plumb House’s motto of “Safety and People First” has never been more apt as they reviewed their working practices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With restrictions easing and employees returning to work, but with the virus still a threat, there was a requirement for new ways of working. Plumb House needed to facilitate distancing between co-workers and contractors, undertake rapid health assessments and keep records of those attending sites or offices across multiple locations. The manual sign-in process, whereby staff, visitors and contractors signed a book on entering a site or office, clearly presented a risk as there was contact, but with no pre-screening for COVID symptoms. Automating this process, and including pre-screening meant Plumb House could accelerate the opening of more sites in the Boston area, keep up with frequently changing government data requirements and ensure safety is, as ever, at the top of their agenda. 

The Dynamedics solution provided Plumb House with a fully automated system to collect and distribute data, all while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees, as the 500+ workforce returned from lockdown or self-isolation into work.



Plumb House worked with Mitra Innovation and TIMIT to deploy Mitra’s new digital health and wellbeing platform, Dynamedics, which includes a COVID-19 assessment tool.  The Creatio low code, AWS based solution pre-screens employees for coronavirus infection as they return to work and provides a continual daily assessment. Employees that display symptoms are identified quickly and supported appropriately, reducing the risk of infecting co-workers. The contactless screening process also tracks which employees attend which sites and workplaces, ensuring track and trace is in place for every employee. Dynamedics had to be comprehensive in its data gathering while also being quick and easy to use by a large and diverse workforce. Mitra remotely interviewed Site Supervisors and designated COVID-19 Safety Officers and conducted a 30-day trial ahead of deployment to understand the exact requirements and tailor the platform to Plumb House’s revised workflows.

Digital Innovation

Mitra replaced manual working practices with an innovative, digital, contactless platform that provides the highest standards of on-site safety and effective track and trace technology for every Plumb House employee.

Trial and Success

By conducting a 30-day trial of the software, Mitra was able to adapt Dynamedics to Plumb House’s new working practices. The highly customizable Creatio low code and AWS platform meant this could be achieved in a matter of days.

On-going Health and Safety

By using Dynamedics to record the health of their staff and co-workers, Plumb House are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their workplaces. The ongoing monitoring and the track and trace facility has accelerated sites reopening in their region.


The Dynamedics solution has provided Plumb House with an innovative, secure, fully automated system to collect, assess and distribute data, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees. The trial meant employees were familiar with the Dynamedics system on rollout, while the simple interface and the full integration with new working practices ensured a highly successful adoption.

Dynamedics also provides the means of distributing the data it collects, giving Plumb House a full reporting range for future government agency requirements. Risky manual processes have been removed and the opening of workplaces has been accelerated.


Automation of data gathering

Accelerating the opening of work sites

Eliminated manual processes requiring physical contact

Supported infected or symptomatic persons to stay away from the workplace, reducing the spread of COVID-19

Easy and effective way to report information to government agencies as required

Digital record of all self-assessments for track and trace

Management wide dashboards to provide company oversight

Consistent safety plan across the organisation