Mitra help Nations Trust Bank achieve Integration and Connectivity


Established in 1999, Nations Trust Bank (NTB) is rated in the top fifteen business establishments in Sri Lanka, offering world class financial products and services for individual, corporate and institutional clients. NTB launched Sri Lanka’s first digital banking experience, FriMi, and was the first to adopt Open Banking. The Bank operates over 90 branches across the country and is the issuer and sole acquirer for American Express® Cards in Sri Lanka.


As a pioneer of Open Banking in Sri Lanka, NTB was an early adopter of WSO2 middleware and was running on an older version. To bring their infrastructure up to date and continue to enable collaboration and data sharing within financial services providers across the country, NTB wanted to refresh their platform with a new WSO2 stack and API Manager, while adding new functionality and products. NTB offers a vast range of services to their customers, and a major consideration was ensuring no downtime was experienced at any stage of the upgrade. NTB was also looking to extend their services through secure APIs to bring in new revenue streams.


Mitra were asked to develop and undertake a digital upgrade plan for NTB upgrading the  WSO2 middleware layer to WSO2 API Manager  4.0.0 and WSO2 Identity Server 5.11.0. The upgrade spanned multiple systems, and included upgrading the API Manager and the Identity Server. The upgrade includes all the features of version 4.0 below:

  • Merging of integration capabilities along with API Management
  • Support for Asynchronous APIs (AsyncAPI)
  • Introduction of service registry
  • Support for API revisions (on top of versions)
  • Support for external Identity Providers as key managers

The upgrade allows multiple, integrated systems to be exposed as managed APIs providing an omnichannel experience to the users. Prior to this version of the API Manager, integration and API management capabilities were offered separately. Mitra built a highly available cluster setup for both APIM and IS products and deployment was done across development (DEV), user acceptance testing (UAT) and production (PROD) environments. 

API Management

The upgraded API Manager allows for the rapid design, deployment, testing, and implementation of APIs using the in-built tools, without interrupting existing customer services.

Identity Access Manager

Mitra upgraded the Identity Server used for authentication and identity management, ensuring customers have only one set of credentials across all services offered by NTB.

Leading Edge

Mitra delivered a digital upgrade plan for the latest version of the WSO2 product stack. This Open Source, feature-rich, enterprise-ready API Management and Integration solution offers leading edge technology for NTB’s digital journey.


The upgraded version of WSO2 was successfully and seamlessly deployed by Mitra for NTB. Mitra streamlined identity and access management for NTB managed APIs and Apps, both internally and externally. User data and policies were centralised enabling customers to sign in only once (SSO) for the multiple services offered by NTB (FriMi E-Wallet, NTB Online Banking, NTB Mobile Banking, Internal Operational Portal, etc…), streamlining the customer experience. Mitra were also able to capture extra user data via APIs and Apps improving analytics for customer behaviour predictions.


Single Sign On for multiple

Upgraded, highly secure, resilient, integrated, API-centric WSO2 stack

Improved business

Seamless upgrade