Mitra Ventures Incubate Exciting Liquidity Reverse Invoice Factoring Business


Simon Dutta co-founded Liquidity, a Financial Services start-up aiming to build a reverse invoice factoring business. Invoice factoring is when a third party offers payment up front for an invoice in return for an interest charge. Reverse factoring sees Simon offering his services to the Blue Chips, so they can pay the small charge for freeing up cash to their suppliers. Cashflow is crucial to small businesses, and a lack of it presents the biggest single threat to their survival. Liquidity unlocks cash trapped in corporate supply chains, offering Blue Chips the opportunity to support small businesses at minimal cost to themselves.  


When Liquidity approached Mitra Innovation they had the idea for the business, but they needed a functioning platform on which to demonstrate to potential investors how it could work. The challenge was to understand the proposition and the market and build a prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to demonstrate to potential investors how revolutionary reverse invoice factoring is and how it can work in practice.

I have been hugely impressed by the quality of the services we received from Mitra. They delivered on, or well before time, charged very reasonable rates, were highly professional and courteous in all dealings, and provided outstanding customer service. Mitra has become a trusted business partner, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking for high-quality and cost-effective software development services.

Simon DuttaCEO - Liquidity


Mitra Ventures provided technical and design support as well as business consulting around the product. An MVP was built using Creatio Low-code as the primary technology achieving rapid, cost effective development. Mitra chose Microsoft Azure, a market leader and industry trusted cloud solution on a global, scalable, cost-controlled network. The MVP involved building two dashboards, one for administration and marketing and one for buyers and suppliers, with single sign-on functionality and seamless onboarding processing.

Low-code Technology

As a Creatio Integrator Partner, Mitra helps clients leverage Low-code technology to build rapid prototypes and MVPs.

Trusted Cloud Solution

Building cloud native applications from scratch requires a trusted, agile and scalable platform. Azure services and products can be easily customised for your MVP or your fully fledged business offering.

Business Consulting

Mitra were excited to help Liquidity take their conceptual model and turn it into a fully functional system, demonstrating their ideas to potential investors.


Mitra successfully developed a MVP based on the scope agreed with Liquidity. This was done in a very short timescale enabling the client to demonstrate the solution to potential investors in order to secure a second round of seed funding.


Lower cost in turning a concept into a MVP

A fully functional MVP has resulted in a successful round raised in seed capital

Faster delivery and shortened time to market

Quick modelling to validate the concept which resulted in early feedback and less change

The capital raised will help Liquidity build their product and their brand