Mitra Delivers a Scalable Innovation Roadmap


Decipher Innovation are part of the Jacob Bailey Group, a collective of award-winning Creative Business Services agencies, each with their own niche specialism. Decipher Innovation was born when Mitra partnered with Jacob Bailey to build a digital marketing boutique service, delivering software products that not only help solve a business issue, but also provide genuine business intelligence. DestinationCore is Decipher Innovation’s principal product, a Place Marketing website platform that delivers analytics on the effectiveness of all digital marketing activity.


Decipher Innovation sought help with finding new markets and the development of a delivery model that reflected their expected growth. They asked Mitra Innovation to help them identify potential markets and to undertake an assessment of the entire customer experience. Decipher Innovation required support and training across their business to scale the delivery model from the anticipated growth.

Trusted partnerships are crucial for an organisation to unlock access to specialist skills, expertise and resources if they are to offer their clients the full spectrum of cross-border, strategic and technical services. Jacob Bailey Group’s joint venture partnership with Mitra Innovation led to the creation of Decipher Innovation to enable just that, and is testimony to how successful and collaborative partnerships should work.

Shaun BaileyCEO, Jacob Bailey Group


Mitra kicked off the project with a thorough investigation of the market, the product and the support and delivery mechanisms within Decipher Innovation. Using market segmentation techniques, Mitra identified subsets of the intended market based on demographics, needs, priorities and common interests. The research defined market segments as small, medium and large, grouping Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) with similar characteristics, together. The product packaging was also analysed based on these identified market segments. 

Multiple studies were undertaken and delivered:

  • Product analysis, pricing and packaging
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market Attractiveness Analysis: UK and global markets
  • Delivery governance model
  • Team scaling structure

Mitra arranged workshops with stakeholders across the company, including Account Management, Client Services, Senior Management, Technical Architects, Project Management and the Engineering Team. The sessions included mind mapping and product feature analysis against existing identified market segments. The collaborative whiteboard sessions also took insights from the global market research Mitra had undertaken, turning the recommendations into a roadmap of how to achieve the desired growth and scale the delivery model appropriately. The roadmap, although developed by Mitra was a collaborative undertaking, being validated by the client throughout the project.

Detailed Market Analysis

Identified UK and global markets using market segmentation techniques. Reported on the demographics with an understanding of the pain points and sources of funding.

Cross Team Collaboration

Teams across Decipher Innovation attended workshops to turn the demographic and market analysis into a detailed, target specific roadmap.

Scalable Delivery Model

The detailed analysis undertaken allowed Mitra to advise the client on how to move forward with a scalable delivery model, to deliver innovation to clients faster and more efficiently.


Mitra produced several detailed reports around the key issues of growth and delivery, including projections, recommendations and insights. The report and accompanying metrics provided a platform for cross company collaborative workshops which delivered a targeted roadmap of how to achieve the desired market penetration while building a delivery model to support it. The report was presented to all key stakeholders and Mitra looks forward to working with Decipher Innovation again to achieve their goals.


Identified three products and multiple variants within each product according to different target market segments, the new product packaging and variants are now in motion 

Marketing development opportunities by identifying additional customer segments

A list of new markets in priority order from the Market Attractiveness Analysis

A comprehensive, target driven roadmap detailing how to achieve growth  

A secure and scalable delivery model