Delivering Essential Public Services Through Digital Innovation


Mitra was approached by a national government seeking to enhance delivery of their public facing services, by improving the design, structure, and implementation of the underlying systems, while preserving their functionality. This refactoring was required across all government departments and with disparate legacy systems on their own individual platforms, an integration expert was required for this complex and sensitive task.



Governments in developing countries are faced with challenges when attempting to digitise public services. In most cases, each separate public service has grown organically within its own department, and deployment of systems to support the service have been developed in much the same way. The lack of centralised management causes government wide issues with compatibility, communication, data management, duplication of effort and disparate maintenance and support regimes. The result of this is a poor, disjointed service to the public, and a high maintenance bill for the government. By rationalising the systems and preserving the functionality, the service to the public can be vastly improved, secure collaboration and integration between departments can be achieved and the systems can be managed more efficiently and cost effectively.

“We chose Mitra Innovation because of our existing business relationship, their wealth of experience, the commitment they brought to the table over the past few projects, as well as their ability to deliver when required. The partnership with us that the Mitra Innovation team had during this engagement was awesome! The team was proactive and there was great follow-up and delivery.”

The GovernmentSenior Account Manager


Mitra Innovation used the WSO2 platform to integrate the existing applications. As a Certified Integration Partner, Mitra has years of experience integrating disparate systems and data sources. Starting with WSO2 Identity Server, featuring a centralised authentication mechanism, a single login was established for users for all the different departments of the government, ensuring a more secure and streamlined user journey. Mitra also deployed the WSO2 API manager, which in turn provided secure, throttled access across the application endpoints, handing control of the API lifecycle to the Government’s Information Technology department. Agile principles were used due to the complexity of the project and the quick turnaround time required by The Government.

Access Control

The WSO2 Identity Server was introduced to provide centralised identity management and access control, a single sign-on access point and improved access and security across all government departmental systems.

API Manager

The WSO2 API manager was introduced to enhance control, security and access to application endpoints, providing a common API layer for all applications.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By providing a Whole of Government (WoG) solution, users enjoy a single point of secure access to all governmental public services, better response times, a fully integrated experience and seamless access to third party services and information.


Mitra delivered a refactoring of The Government’s departmental systems using the WSO2 open-source enterprise platform. The solution has improved performance, negated incompatibilities between existing systems and reduced the overall cost and manpower involved in maintenance.

The Government has a platform providing services that are accessible to the user from a single point of entry, fully integrated and above all, secure. The solution is scalable in terms of both processing power and data storage, and easily maintained by Mitra.


Improved access for the public to government services

Reduced maintenance and support costs  

Overcome the lack of compatibility between existing systems 

Identity Management and Access Control