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At Mitra, we like to help entrepreneurs and enterprises get their ideas off the ground through the use of business modelling, product roadmapping, prototypes and ideation. This is not all we’re known for though.

On behalf of our clients we also act as technology integrators and enterprise architects – finding ways to get existing/new technologies to communicate with each other across various platforms, to achieve one great common aim.

To succeed, we use WSO2 middleware.


Enterprise Integration Simplified

We recommend the use of WSO2 middleware because it is a 100% open source platform which spans the entire length and breadth of service orientated architecture (SOA).


WSO2 is a global movement which is making enterprise middleware exponentially more cost efficient, collaborative and faster than ever.


WSO2 is opensource and componentized which means we deploy only what our clients need, when they need it.


WSO2 middleware can be used for Mobile and IoT management, API management, services and apps development, IT security, analytics and many other technology related needs.


We not only help you choose the right WSO2 products, but we can also integrate them, as well as provide 24×7 customer support during integration and afterwards. Here are some of the services we provide.

System Integration

System Integration

Our core strength is on WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus – continuously linking systems together by building sophisticated integration capabilities. Do your mainstream legacy applications talk to new modern apps? If not, let us help you connect the dots efficiently with our system integration capabilities.

API Management

API Management

Enabling your business stakeholders to launch new services fast is crucial to your business . Open APIs are the key enablers, however exposing your business to the outside world via API is not easy. Poor management of APIs could lead you to severe business impacts. We have a proven framework for designing, publishing, scaling and managing APIs for many of our clients.

Identity Management

Identity Management

When a user interacts with your application, the experience should be safe and secure for them. Enabling them to use identity authentication mechanisms they are already familiar with would make your application seem safer. Mitra utilises sophisticated identify management capabilities from WSO2, for example Identity Server.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Good data provides the insights which can drive a business forward and can propel it to new heights. The WSO2 Data Analytics Server will add tremendous value to your business, allowing you to dig deeper and make the right decisions.

Managed Services

DevOps & Managed Services

When building products in production environments, our DevOps team manage the process smoothly on behalf of our clients. We not only manage the build and the integration of WSO2 products for clients, but we also provide 24×7 customer support as and when needed.



Many people believe that only large, enterprise type systems need governance. This is not what we believe at Mitra. Even the smallest system should have rules and guidelines for use, especially if that small system is likely to grow large at some point. Mitra can help you get system governance right. Start as you mean to go on.


Mitra Innovation is a recognised partner of WSO2 and a preferred system integrator. As such we are fully experienced and equipped to help entrepreneurs and enterprises capitalise on WSO2 middleware capabilities in order to launch new ventures or implement great ideas faster and cheaper.

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Mitra Innovation uses WSO2 for architecture design to application development; PMO and deployment to production; and business operations to 24×7 support. In an increasingly connected world, we can help clients meet the new pace of business innovation utilising WSO2.



A robust, scalable open source platform for Asset data integration and BIM governance

BIM-as-a-Service is the first open source Data Integration Platform for asset management and facility management which is highly scalable and cost effective. We built BIMaaS on top of the industry standard WSO2’s middleware platform to offer enterprise class solution security, scalability, identity management and inter-operability.

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