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11:00 – 11:45 (GMT)
10th of January, 2019


Understanding the prominence of AI and Machine Learning (ML), Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning on November 28th 2018. This helps users easily find and subscribe to ML models and algorithms published by software vendors that can be seamlessly integrated with the user’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

With the new AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning users are able to find, subscribe to, and deploy the ML solutions they need directly through ML platforms, such as Amazon SageMaker, and build business driven ML applications even quicker.

Mitra Innovation launched three Machine Learning models under the Machine Learning and Data Science Tools subcategory; Bitcoin Predictor, Diabetes Detector and Abusive Content Detector in the AWS Marketplace.

This webinar will talk about the AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning, explaining Mitra’s three ML models and their business value. It will also delve deeper into one of the models to explain how it can be subscribed to via the AWS Marketplace and you can deploy it.

Kalani Samarawickrame – Senior Software Engineer

Kalani is a Senior Software Engineer at Mitra Innovation Research and Development Division. She has completed her Masters in Keio University, Japan and her research interests include; AR, VR and Machine Learning.