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11:00 – 12:00 (GMT)
14th of November, 2019


Digital transformation projects are tricky beasts, with around 80% failing to deliver the business benefits and value as defined at the outset. However, with social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions now evolving to become part of the technology mix for most organisations, you have an opportunity to break away from the peloton with a strong API strategy.

At Mitra our core business is helping organisations navigate API led digital transformation that helps accelerate your journey towards a hyper connected world creating demonstrable value for your customers.

Join our Webinar on Creating Value in the Hyperconnected World through APIs” where we share our methodology, demonstrating the worth of an API strategy as an integral step in our clearly defined approach to digital leadership. Moneta Bank and Travis Perkins are just two examples of the many successful digital transformation projects we have under our belt that have enabled them to take their first steps towards a hyperconnected world (spanning digital acquisition, engagement, and transactions with customers).

Our thought leaders will provide you with insights and help you explore the approach to API-led strategy and how APIs are delivering optimum business results, agility and innovation for organisations.

In this webinar, you’ll explore:

  • What is an API-led strategy?
  • How to streamline API Life Cycle Management from development to security and governance
  • How can scaling and reusing API adoption maximise business returns?
  • What is the best practice in implementing a resilient and secure API ecosystem?
Charmi Hewapathirana – Senior Software Engineer

Charmi Hewapathirana is a Senior Integration Engineer at Mitra Innovation.
She is a passionate engineer on Cloud integration and currently involved in WSO2 integration practice with expertise on ESB , APIM , MB and DAS.

Yasas De Silva – Senior Software Engineer

Yasas De Silva is a Senior Integration Engineer at Mitra Innovation. He is passionate about Cloud Integration and currently involved in WSO2 integration practice on AWS cloud platform services. He is also a DevOps enthusiast and a practitioner of the latest DevOps trendings.