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Mitigate Risks and Navigate Winds of Change in Health Insurance with App Modernization

Realigning tech adoption, processes, and people

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29 May, 2024

11 AM EST / 8:30 PM IST


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About 70% of IT modernization projects fail. While there have been a lot of discussions about the reasons for this failure, more thought needs to be put into why they are successful for the remaining 30%.

What do these organizations do differently that makes this high-risk change stick and sustain?

In this webinar, we will deep dive into systemic and structural factors that enable organizations to successfully implement IT modernization and take cues to replicate their success in health insurance.


Chinthi Weeerasinghe

Chief Executive Officer – Mitra Innovation

Fariba Alim-Marvasti

AVP, CIO Aetna International IT at CVS Health

Key Takeaways

Insights into Trends

Gain a detailed understanding of the current trends, common challenges and exciting opportunities in the health insurance sector in the wake of IT modernization

Tech as the Future

Explore the vital role of technology, frameworks and partners in modernizing health insurance processes and redefining customer experience

Real Life Success

Be inspired by a real-life success story of IT modernization that showcases how the right set of reinforcing factors, tools and frameworks set the modernization exercise in motion rapidly


An exclusive opportunity to interact with the leaders of America’s leading health insurance provider and Mitra Innovation

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Redefine your IT Modernization Journey in Health Insurance