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Join Us for a Webinar on Pioneering BFSI Frontiers

Episode 1: Reimagining Banking in Nepal

Focus Areas:
Seamless digital banking experience powered by workflow automation
Unlocking the future of banking with breakthrough middleware Innovations

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23rd November 2023

2:00 PM NPT

Local Partner

Technology Partners

Featuring Industry Experts In Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Harshan Senadhira

Head of Product Implementations, Mitra Innovation

Harshan has over 23 years of experience across a broad range of technologies and 15 years in software project management and solutions delivery. Harshan is well-versed in software development lifecycle functions, from software quality assurance and software engineering to overall solutions delivery.

Sameera Nelson

Principal Integration Architect, Mitra Innovation

Sameera brings over 14 years of hands-on experience in Software Engineering, specializing in middleware systems catering to the banking, telecom, and network services industries. His expertise lies in Enterprise Integrations and Solutions with specific focus on banking and financial middleware systems, billing backends, charging platforms, and payment and settlement services


Join us as we introduce our local partner, Samartha International, and discover their pivotal role in reimagining banking in Nepal.

1. Introduction to Samartha International: 5 mins

2. Introduction to Mitra Innovation and Webinar: 5 mins

Get to know Mitra Innovation, your technology partner for this groundbreaking webinar. Learn how this partnership is transforming the future of banking in Nepal.

3. Streamlining Business Processes with Workflow Automation (by Harshan Senadhira): 30 mins

Discover the power of workflow automation from a seasoned implementation specialist , explains how it can revolutionize your banking operations.

4. Driving Financial Innovation: Unveiling the Evolution of Middleware Maturity in Modern Banking (by Sameera Nelson): 30 mins

Listen to a leader in the field, as he reveals the latest advancements in middleware maturity and how it’s shaping the future of banking.

5. Q & A Session: 20 mins

Engage with our experts in a live Q & A session, where you can ask your questions and gain deeper insights into the BFSI frontiers.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our
Local Partner: +977 985 1030756 (Santosh)

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