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From a single application through to your entire IT estate, Mitra can scale its managed service to your specific business needs. Be they business continuity, predictable spend, cyber security, ongoing cloud migration or simply keeping patches and security updates current, we can help.

Business Benefits

Fully maintained and managed platform

Built-in business continuity and disaster recovery

Reliable, secure and scalable business platforms, systems and products

Predictable monthly spend

Increased automation of repetitive IT tasks keeping costs low

Ongoing cloud innovation and transformation

Case Studies

Moneta Money Bank

Mitra worked with Moneta Money Bank to bring multi-channel, responsive, seamless banking services to over a million clients in the Czech Republic. Read how Mitra maintain and support Moneta’s platform, ensuring on-going, demand led innovation and transformation.


Mitra provide you with a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre for a fixed cost as part of any managed service contract. Our cybersecurity experts become an extension of your in-house IT team, working with them to keep your data, applications and devices secure. Our cybersecurity platform connects with your existing systems, devices and networks monitoring them continuously for attacks and vulnerabilities.

Business Benefits

State-of-the-art cybersecurity without the cost of building and resourcing internally

One comprehensive solution covering data, devices, systems, applications and networksly

Predictable and controlled spend

Focus internal IT and technology teams on core business activities

Up to date with the very latest threats, tools, fixes and patches

Fully compliant with industry regulations and always audit-ready

Easy to scale as your business grows

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