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At Mitra we are digital transformation experts having led many successful transformation projects for customers across three continents.

Digital Transformation is the process of creating or enhancing business processes and customer experiences to address constantly changing market requirements by leveraging digital technologies.

It is about re-imagining how things could be done better, in ways that often weren’t possible in the past. Digital Transformation enables fundamentally new approaches. If you can think it, it’s likely that you can do it.

Digital Transformation isn’t the same as digitisation or digitalisation. Most organisations have already transitioned from paper to digital records, and made established ways of working much simpler. Instead it is changing the way that traditional business is done by companies such as large banks, insurers & retailers, and sometimes it’s about enabling entirely new businesses models such as AirBnB, Netflix & Uber. It’s driven top-down within most organisations to invent and streamline business processes and ways of working, and to increase market share and enable growth.

Mitra can help you with your digital transformation agenda. Working alongside you we design technology roadmaps to support transformation, we envision new and innovative solutions to address specific needs, we provide multi-disciplinary engineering teams that can design, build and operate those solutions, and we help you continually evolve your digital strategy.

As an expert in highly-secure cloud applications development, we have experience in the latest digital technologies that underpin Digital Transformation. Working as a trusted partner we navigate the best way forwards, identifying the most suitable approaches in terms of supporting key roles within your organisation, applicable processes, and relevant tools.

A Mitra team will benchmark existing systems and processes, and then measure KPIs and improvements over the course of the transformation to ensure the right path to success is being followed.

Business Benefits

Digital Transformation can enable you to think, plan and build your products and services in a way that is flexible, agile and ultimately supports growth.

Digital Transformation can help you to evolve radically, and thereby stand out against your traditional competitors by offering a product or a service in a new way that customers flock to.
It can also help deliver a significant improvement to your customer, employee and supply chain experiences making your whole business easier and more efficient to work with and for.

By measuring the investments made in your digital transformation and the return on these, you will maximise the positive impact on the areas you need to enhance and improve within your available budget.

Cloud Transformation

Building applications in, or moving applications to the cloud, is a key enabler of modern business transformation. While cloud still offers cost advantages to on-premised infrastructure, its ability to scale and its fault tolerance enables enterprises to grow their businesses with minimal technology risk.

Mitra uses its Security First Framework to ensure any application built for the cloud is highly secure. This means that security exists in depth, starting with architectural best practises and secure engineering principles being applied during design and build, through to DevSecOps used to flawlessly deploy and operate applications within the cloud.

Mitra helps organisations with cloud migration, moving on-premised VMware-hosted applications to the cloud. By adopting a fully cloud-native approach using containers, this allows organisations to fully benefit from cloud capabilities using APIs and microservices to integrate multiple business flows together.

Mitra also offers a managed security service to keep data and applications in the cloud secure.

Case Studies

Moneta Money Bank

Mitra worked with Moneta Money Bank to bring multi-channel, responsive, seamless banking services to over a million clients in the Czech Republic. Read how Mitra maintain and support Moneta’s platform, ensuring on-going, demand led innovation and transformation.

Data Governance

Mitra can help you harness the hidden value within your data to make better forecasting, planning and budgeting decisions. Applying data science techniques and bringing together data from across your applications and systems can make your business more productive, efficient and profitable.

Business Benefits

Better access to critical data across all business systems

Ability to draw business insights from large volumes of data quickly and efficiently

Improved forecasting, planning and budgeting decisions

Develop business intelligence adding visibility and clarity across your business

Measure the efficacy of business decisions quickly

Case Studies

Capital Alliance

Mitra helped Capital Alliance use their data to strengthen customer engagement and customer satisfaction. Read how Mitra achieved this here.

Enterprise Integration

An engaging customer experience is one of ease, speed and cohesion, seamlessly delivered across multiple channels. Mitra helps you retain your existing customers, as well as attracting new ones, by designing and implementing an integrated and compelling customer experience.

Business Benefits

Increased customer engagement and retention

Attracting new customers

Increased trust in the products and services provided

Increased market share

Stronger customer loyalty

Case Studies

APAC Government

Mitra worked with a sizable APAC Government to help them provide a streamlined and secure customer experience across multiple government departments and services. By providing a Whole of Government (WoG) solution, users enjoy a single point of secure access to all governmental public services. More on this story here.

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