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Mitra excels in delivering highly-secure cloud-native applications that help our customers deliver their business goals. We help overcome the significant challenges associated with software development recruitment and traditional outsourcing to contractors. Mitra’s Extended Team Co-Development model provides alignment to a customer’s way of working, flexibility in its approach, and creativity in how it envisions software; key attributes that many customers are looking for. There are two main options available to our customers.

Project Co-development

Mitra engages with a customer to focus on areas where there is the need for specific expertise and experience aligned to roles in a project plan to deliver a technology solution, usually a cloud application or platform. An extended team is formed that works alongside the customer’s existing team, with the right people deployed at the right time, as a fully integrated part of its overall delivery model.
While Mitra can get involved at any point in the software development lifecycle, it is easier to leverage the innovation thinking, that is an intrinsic part of its capabilities, the earlier it is engaged. Often key development team members can be used as part of an ASM team that looks after the application or platform once it has moved into production.

Product Co-development

Mitra provides an extended team with specific expertise that a customer needs to continuously evolve a software product, typically SaaS, where individual team members work as an ongoing part of the customer’s wider engineering team. These extended teams bring a product engineering mindset, with a focus on core product development.
Product engineering extended teams tend to work as scrums on core-delivery work, guided by a product backlog and working as peers to other engineers within the overall team, usually for the lifetime of the product development cycle, often spanning many years.


Business Benefits

Certainty in delivering the technology implementation that underpins the business goal

Confidence in the inherent security of the product or service delivered

An outcome that is perceived as good value for money

A repeatable and scalable way to future-proof subsequent needs

Leap in!

Mitra worked closely with Leap in! to co-develop their claims processing engine, app and on-line experience.  Read how we delivered life changing innovation here.

Travis Perkins

Mitra worked with Travis Perkins, bringing their integration expertise to a co-development team, enabling existing and new technologies to communicate across multiple in-house systems. Read how we delivered innovative integration here.

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