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Mitra Innovation was delighted to co-sponsor Travis Perkins’ (TP) annual Technology and Data Conference, where internal IT teams present on current initiatives and share their digital strategy with the business. As one of the sponsors of the event, Mitra showcased cloud & technology solutions to TP, rubbing shoulders with tech heavyweights including Google, Hitachi and Hewlett Packard.

TP CIO Phil Tenny and his leadership team hosted this event, the theme being Delivering as One Team. TP invited representatives of the business, IT teams and strategic technology partners for the first time, giving them an opportunity to showcase their capabilities to the wider TP audience, including subsidiaries such as Toolstation and BSS Industrial.

The conference included presentations from keynote speakers, and a series of breakout sessions. Mitra strengthened the relationship with TP and plans to help it to deliver more value to TP stakeholders.

Mitra sent the dream team of Ashok Suppiah, Dean Morton, Sherine Bandara, Thili Amarasinghe, David Mackay and Senaka Fernando, who used the Top Gun theme to spread our key message of rapid, precise, collaborative delivery in the following areas:

  • Cloud native applications
  • Security First Framework
  • Conversational AI
  • Workflow automation using RPA

The theme of speed and collaboration continued with Mitra’s breakout session. Run by Sherine and Senaka, the session focussed on ESG and Mitra’s experienz product, sharing the lessons learnt while working with Formula 1 in their quest to achieve net zero carbon. While Senaka described the lessons learnt from the project, Sherine went through how those lessons could be applied to TP and our shared goal of ‘Building for Better’.

As one of our most valued clients, Mitra would like to thank Travis Perkins for this fantastic opportunity to strengthen and grow our collaboration.

Mitra Innovation and Travis Perkins have been in partnership since 2016 and have collaborated on multiple tech projects, beginning our journey together in TP’s integration space. We augment in-house development teams with a number of Mitra’s highly skilled engineering resources, bringing specialist knowledge and a faster delivery cycle.

Mitra has recently embarked on a program to automate TP’s business processes, improving productivity and optimising costs within the organisation. Our teams provide TP with full engineering capability from project inception to full maintenance of their digital environment.

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