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Mitra Innovation, a fast-growing UK Technology solutions provider specialising in digital transformation, cloud enablement, and software development has been chosen as the technology partner by Cambodia’s fastest, fully integrated communications company, Cellcard. This move is set to benefit their three million plus subscriber base in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cellcard offers a full range of mobile communications and entertainment services for consumers, with a wide range of service innovations for voice, messaging, international roaming, wireless broadband, and value-added services. Cellcard wanted to completely revamp their ‘Cellcard Self Service App’ to enhance how their customers communicate, and to provide the best possible speeds. They needed a development team to take on this task—And Mitra’s agile development team fit the bill.

Mitra’s expertise in the scrum framework, combined with their team’s natural abilities as great communicators and problem solvers provided for a very collaborative and well-coordinated team, enabling the best possible outcome for the revamp, and for every new release moving forward.

“This is a major update of the App,” said Kevin Speering, Project Manager at Mitra Innovation. “The App was re-written from the ground-up, with new architecture, and developed by Mitra’s in-house developers, introducing exciting new functionalities. Users now subscribe to various new services and ad-ons with a single swipe. Localisation was implemented in three languages: Khmer, English, and Chinese. For added security, biometric authentication (Fingerprint and Face ID) was implemented. Integrations with third parties enable entertainment services such as watching movies, TV, streaming music, and a loyalty program encouraging users with many rewards.”

Thilina Herath, Software Architect at Mitra Innovation said, “The App was imperative for Cellcard to penetrate the market quickly and stay competitive. We implemented a hybrid app development approach using a react native framework for both iOS and Android apps. We used AWS serverless architecture to build all backend components, with numerous integration points, and internal and external systems, enabling a seamless user experience for customers.”

Thilina also said, “The technologies we utilised made this task a lot easier. It reduced time to market and provided an elegant platform in which our development teams can truly innovate on. The iOS and Android apps were delivered within a two-month development cycle, with 20+ external API endpoint integrations. The App was launched in Google Play receiving a 4.3 rating out of 5, and got over 100,000 users in 4 weeks, with more than 1000 concurrent users, most of them utilising it daily.”

Dammika Ganegama, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mitra Innovation said, “Mitra’s relationship with Cellcard has been such an opportunity where progressive thinking and persistent effort has helped in the reimagining of business in the digital age. I congratulate Cellcard on their success for being the fastest, and more convenient mobile customer experience in Cambodia today.”

Also published on Daily FT

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