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Mitra has invested to create a solution that helps organisations meet their Health and Safety obligations and fulfill their duty of care to their employees during these difficult times. The latest of these is a digital COVID-19 assessment tool

As global lockdowns are eased and employees are encouraged to go to work companies are facing a series of thorny challenges. The virus has not gone away and according to the WHO, it may be with us for years to come.

Managers have a duty of care to ensure their employees are as safe as they possibly can be in the workplace.

The Dynamedics COVID-19 assessment helps to answer all of these questions. It pre-screens employees for corona virus infection as they return to work and provides a continual daily assessment. Employees that display symptoms can be identified quickly and supported appropriately reducing the risk of further infections amongst their colleagues. Managers can create and modify workflows that fit with their operating procedures. Realtime dashboards (desktop and mobile) provide oversight for line managers and senior leaders. All interactions and data are captured by the platform for compliance and audit purposes.

Dammika Ganegama, Co-Founder and Managing Director Mitra Innovation Group said “COVID-19 assessment is just one of the early use cases that Dynamedics supports. The platform is designed for rapid innovation and easy Integration with HR systems and employee record. New scalable applications and associated workflows can be created in days not months supporting use cases such as mental health monitoring and awareness or DSE assessment and compliance.”

“Dynamedics is already being sold around the world with diverse industries with new customers including a hospital in Australia and a construction company in Boston, US. Mitra have kept license costs low and provides consultancy services and integration support to get companies up and running quickly.” said Chinthi Weerasinghe, CEO Mitra Digital. Ashok Suppiah, CEO of Mitra Innovation Group said, “At Mitra we have always had passion towards ‘innovation that matters’ and leveraging technology to make a positive impact on our lives. We are in uncharted waters and having worked with numerous health care businesses in the UK, Europe and Australia over the last 5 years we decided to share our experiences to create a positive impact in this ever changing world” Mitra Innovation is a fast-growing UK based end-to-end technology solutions provider with expertise in digital transformation, cloud enablement, and software development for ISVs, Enterprises, and Entrepreneurs.

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