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Mitra is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with OpenLegacy. The most complex aspect of any migration project is how to manage, and get value from, legacy tech. OpenLegacy has developed a novel integration method that is taking the pain out of large and multi-system upgrades. At Mitra we know how many of our enterprise customers rely on legacy systems and the valuable data they hold, so the opportunity to make their integration journey easier, faster and more cost effective is too good to miss.

What OpenLegacy brings
While service providers, such as ourselves, excel in most areas, the complexity of legacy integration can often hinder efficiency. This partnership offers a leading-edge solution for the present and a strategic pathway towards tomorrow’s technology landscape. OpenLegacy pioneered next level digital integration by connecting legacy systems, including servers, applications and databases and exposing them as microservices based APIs, serverless functions and other modern services. Recognizing the prevalence of legacy tech in established organisations, OpenLegacy is determined to ‘un-stick’ the functionality and data that often proves a barrier to innovation, migration and growth.

How will Mitra’s clients benefit?
Mitra excels in application modernization projects and OpenLegacy offers a great product to unlock essential data and functionality trapped in legacy environments, providing an alternative to traditional middleware migration. Mitra believes the partnership will help a number of the enterprise customers that we work with. With Mitra’s global reach, we are able to promote OpenLegacy to all of the markets that we work within.

Reactions to the Partnership

Gil Paecht, Head of SI, OpenLegacy says: “By offering a cloud native hybrid integration platform, we deliver a fast, simple, risk-free way to generate, extend and manage digital services from on-prem legacy and core systems to the cloud. It connects directly to virtually any core system, instantly generating microservice-based APIs that power new digital services, making the cloud journey, not just possible but faster and more efficient than ever before.”

Shanaka Mendis, Head of Integration Practice, Mitra Innovation says: “We are really excited about this partnership. OpenLegacy provides a much needed capability for us to go to our customers and offer them an innovative solution, giving them access to legacy functionality and data, with minimum changes to their existing environments. We have over 10 years of integration experience and partnering with OpenLegacy will add this new capability to our established offerings.”

Mitra is excited to be working with OpenLegacy to add this enhanced capability into our strong integration practice. We now have a fantastic tool to help organizations continue to get value from their legacy systems but with an exceptionally fast integration method, fostering agility and innovation today, with an eye on seamless future migration.

About OpenLegacy
OpenLegacy offers a cloud-native hybrid integration and modernization platform. OpenLegacy Hub delivers a fast, simple, risk-free way to generate, extend and manage digital services from on-prem legacy and core systems to the cloud. It connects directly to nearly any core system, instantly generating microservice-based APIs to power valuable new digital services. All without changing the underlying infrastructure, making the cloud journey not just possible but faster and more efficient than ever before, no matter the chosen strategy: modernizing in place (hybrid), rehosting/replatforming, or even replacing and rewriting the entire application. OpenLegacy is used by many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Citi, Scotiabank, Liberty Mutual, DBS, and Standard Chartered, to name a few.
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About Mitra Innovation
At our core, Mitra Innovation is a collaborative enterprise. We partner with companies around the world, bringing the best technological advantage to the widest audience. We deliver scalable solutions with the right level of resource at the right price with minimal risk. Our security first ethos means we become your trusted partner for secure cloud native platform engineering, delivering resilient, strategic, innovative solutions, generating growth and customer engagement.
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