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The WSO2 connector for Creatio that Mitra built provides a bridge between WSO2’s Micro Integrator and Creatio’s low code CRM platform, bringing them together seamlessly for the first time. This connector enhances the integration capabilities of WSO2 with the Contact, Case and Account entities of Creatio CRM. Their APIs are set up to pass parameters creating the bridge between the rapid application development capability of Creatio and the complex integration functionality provided by WSO2.

What the connector does

The Creatio Connector allows you to work with almost all the entities and functionalities of Creatio through the Representational State Transfer or REST interface, a web-based service that allows organisations to manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data whilst integrating with external services and/ or applications. You can use the Creatio connector to create, query, retrieve, update, and delete any of the objects that are exposed through the Creatio REST API layer, simply by adding authentication. It also contains Contact, Case and Account mediators to manage create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations through REST APIs.

The initial version of the Creatio Connector helps to:

  • Conduct CRUD operations against the Contact, Case and Account entities of Creatio – CRM.
  • Handle Forms authentication (cookie-based) to authenticate requests with Creatio – CRM
  • Apply additional mediation logic to fulfil requirements such as message transformation in both request and response flows.

Why this is so important

Being able to take the integration and identity, access and API management of WSO2 and seamlessly connect it with the rapid application development functionality of the low code Creatio platform means complex, time consuming, integration projects can be streamlined as never before. Getting this connector right will not only benefit so many of Mitra’s clients, but is available for WSO2 clients to purchase from their website.

“The growing software and cloud solution market highlights the need for companies to quickly adopt and harness new capabilities to stay ahead of the competition and offer exceptional user experiences,” said Christopher Davey, Vice President of Solutions Architecture for Integration at WSO2. “Our partnership with Mitra Innovation to integrate Creatio, a leading player in the CRM industry, into our expansive connector ecosystem is a major step forward in meeting this demand.”

Find out more

Get the Creatio Connector from the WSO2 store
Contribute or give feedback in the Creatio Connector GitHub repository

Learn more

Read the Creatio Connector Documentation

About WSO2
WSO2 is a global, open-source, Middleware platform for integration, API Management and Identity and Access Management. Thousands of enterprises around the world, across a diverse range of industries, rely on WSO2 solutions, whether their applications and services run on premise, in the cloud or even in a hybrid environment.

About Creatio
Creatio is an intelligent BPM, low-code platform which enables business analysts and system architects to rapidly create applications tailored to business needs.

About Mitra
At our core, Mitra Innovation is a collaborative enterprise. We partner with companies around the world, bringing the best technological advantage to the widest audience. Through Co-Development we deliver scalable solutions with the right level of resource at the right price with minimal risk. Our Security First ethos means we deliver resilient, strategic, innovative solutions, which generate growth and customer engagement.

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