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Mitra is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Boomi, an intelligent connectivity, integration and automation specialist, heralding a significant broadening of its integration practice, offering Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to Mitra clients.

What Boomi Offers
With over 21,000 clients globally, Mitra believes Boomi’s platform will offer clients more choice on their digital transformation journey. The platform is easy to use, with a fully supported development life cycle, proven stability and scalable for all integration needs.

Boomi’s intelligent automation and integration is a faster alternative to complex, heavyweight suites, while delivering speed, efficiency and world class digital transformation services.

How Mitra’s Clients Benefit
Boomi’s platform will help Mitra deliver seamless integration and accelerated digital transformation globally by:

  • Connecting everything, faster – Boomi connects everything within and beyond your organization to help you break down silos and move at digital speed. Business and IT can now collaborate to deliver new services faster.
  • Leaving no IT system behind – Boomi connects multiple generations of technology to help you make every system count. We embrace any environment, any cloud and any ecosystem. No hard-wired processes means you can modernize on your schedule.
  • Confidently self-managing – Once built, integrations must be managed. Boomi’s unique platform essentially runs itself, with capabilities for self-learning, self-scaling, and self-managing. Teams spend more time on innovation and less on manual operations.

Shanaka Mendis, Head of Integration at Mitra is excited about the partnership, stating, “With demand for iPaaS growing all the time, I’m delighted to be working with Boomi to bring the connectivity and seamless integration of their platform to our clients. Mitra has always strived to simplify and expedite the digital transformation process and I feel we’ve taken a major step towards this goal with the Boomi partnership.”

Mitra’s COO, Sanjeev Palihawadana is equally positive, “This strategic partnership with Boomi is a pivotal step in empowering clients on their digital transformation journey. Together with Boomi’s intelligent connectivity and seamless integration, Mitra is committed to delivering excellence, fostering innovation, and simplifying the complex landscape of digital evolution.”

As cloud computing evolves, increasing numbers of organizations will require digital transformation, with iPaaS becoming increasingly important for seamless integration in the cloud. Mitra’s partnership with Boomi marks our commitment to bringing our customers the very best that integration technology can offer, delivering excellence from a renowned global force in business connectivity and integration.

For more information about Mitra’s Integration Services contact Mr. Shanaka Mendis, Mitra’s Practice Head of Integration at

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