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Celebrating rapid growth and commitment to innovation, Ashok Suppiah, the CEO of UK based Mitra Innovation was named ‘Technopreneur of the Year 2019’ at the Global Leadership Awards 2019, held on May 2nd 2019 at the Malaysian Trade and Exhibition Center.

This prestigious event gives recognition to the elite circle of global leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and outstanding personalities from across the world who have excelled in their respective fields, and left their mark on the global community. The event was organised by The Leaders International, My Events International, and endorsed by the American Leadership Development Association. These organisations represent a level of excellence that outshines the rest in how they epify charisma and splendour.

Mitra Innovation is a fast growing UK based technology solutions provider, and is one of the five UK technology firms to invest in Malaysia this year. Mitra has made its investments, and are building solid partnerships in Malaysia and Singapore, and have recently opened a new regional office in Singapore to serve the APAC region, while continuing to grow their established ANZ Business. Ashok Suppiah invests a great deal of energy in cultivating an atmosphere of high standards for his organisation; maintaining a startup culture from day one up till today—enabling his organisation to remain hungry, vigilant, and driven to continuously find new ways to add value to their clients.  

This Award is appreciated as a beginning of an exciting new journey, and represents a commitment to advancement in leadership and motivation—And is definitely something for other emerging organisations to emulate.

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