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Banking and Financial Services

Mitra has extensive experience across the financial sector, supporting an array of banking institutions to transform their digital infrastructure and the way they interact with their customers. Meeting the challenges of the FinTech sector is tough, from balancing the most stringent, industry qualified security measures, with providing a seamless, flawless, omnichannel user experience. We build Open Banking systems embracing the newest technology at speed and scale, while meeting the exacting and ever changing regulatory requirements of the sector.

At Mitra we

Connect your array of financial services and products with your customers in a fully integrated, seamless and secure way.

Deploy authentication and identity management, balancing seamless user experience with the need for multi layer security.

Design dashboards and analytics to automatically keep track of each functional area.

Do all our development within a security first framework from the outset.

Health Care

Mitra recognises the changing nature of Health Care, with massive pressure to do more for less. With ever growing patient demand, rising standards and increasingly stretched resources, the sector is looking to digital innovation to bridge the gap.  When building systems that manage patient details, whether for on-line consultations, managing patient records or providing a triage service, Mitra employs the highest standards of security and resilience delivering low cost, scalable, available and flexible platforms. We deliver a holistic, end-to-end experience for the patient or health care professional with highly intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that are simple to use and engender confidence in the client’s products and services.

At Mitra we

Build highly secure, highly available products and services.

Build intuitive, accessible and simple GUIs for our products and services.

Streamline the user experience with authentication and identity management.

Design, build and deploy innovative solutions to support a full spectrum of users.

Apply a security first framework to all our development projects, cloud native and legacy applications.

Mitra specialises in Healthcare solutions from supporting service providers and hospitals to designing innovative at-home technology for the elderly. See: Kraydel, Ramsay Healthcare, Infix Support, Leap in! 

Utility & Telecom

One of the major challenges for telecom and utility businesses is managing large, complex and often disparate systems, a large remote army of engineers who need the best tech to do their job effectively and balancing that with an increasingly digital savvy customer base, who demand holistic, omni-channel and seamless customer experience. Mitra knows building the right systems for customer engagement is crucial to maintaining competitive advantage. Utility companies with large, legacy platforms, compete with cloud native, modern enterprises, who also prioritise the user experience and offer innovative solutions to clients. Onerous, complex tasks, like managing site engineers and contractors, with the right innovation, can revolutionise the employee and customer experience. Mitra connects, integrates and deploys, digitally transforming your business, reducing costs, churn and risk.

At Mitra we

Build and migrate systems to a fully integrated middleware layer.

Build omni-channel, seamless customer experiences.

Optimise data access, speeding up operations and the swift resolution of customer queries.

Apply innovative solutions to automate regulatory data collection, speeding up workflow.

Do all this within a security framework, keeping critical national infrastructure secure.

Mitra has worked with utility and telecom providers in the UK and Asia, providing integration solutions to complex legacy platforms and architectures, improving data and asset management, efficiency and security. See: Openreach, Major UK Public Utility


The challenges of the retail sector, compounded by the global pandemic, range from the death of the high street to providing supply chain visibility to navigating a cost of living crisis. Finding the right technology solutions to attract and retain a notoriously fickle, and increasingly cash-poor customer base is a challenge. As customer expectations change, maintaining competitive advantage and market share becomes increasing hard as many well known retail names flounder. Mitra understands the retail market, how modern marketing works and what customers are looking for in an app, from functionality to the online customer experience. We also have expertise in digital and contactless payment platforms and supply chain management. Mitra designs, builds, deploys and operates omni-channel, seamless, customer experiences for a digital native world, increasing engagement and driving down costs.

At Mitra we

Build responsive, accessible, single sign-on systems to improve customer service.

Increase employee productivity via faster data retrieval and update.

Deliver better business insight with easier access to critical business data.

Provide a seamless migration from legacy to more secure and responsive cloud and hybrid solutions.

Build API Gateways to securely connect your product or service with third parties enhancing your business offering.

Do all this securely, cost effectively at speed and to scale.

Mitra has vastly improved the customer experience for many clients,  with integrated, cloud-based business systems, allowing scalability, flexibility and security, seamless migration from legacy to cloud based solutions, zero downtime, business continuity and storage / processing on demand as part of cloud native app design. Mitra has worked with one of the biggest retailers in the UK, providing integration, data management and analytics. Read more: Travis Perkins, Christie Spaces