Mitra partners with entrepreneurs and investors to bring their business vision to market. Using our expertise in creating rapid proof of concepts (POC) and minimal viable products (MVP), we design and build innovative, elegant, powerful products and solutions, minimising cost and risk while maximising return on investment.


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Mitra helps entrepreneurs incubate business or product ideas

Business Benefits

Rapid proof of concept

Accelerated route to market

Minimising risk while exploring market opportunities

Implement and scale in response to growth in demand

Access to highly specialised staff and technology

Rapid return on investment


In a world where restriction of movement has by necessity become the new normal, MiLiE can provide you with seamless access to online shopping, banking, utilities and other providers, keeping you connected. In collaboration with YouCab, Mitra have used the MiLiE platform to create Foodie, a food and grocery delivery service powered by the Foodie mobile app, serving communities in Sri Lanka.



Dynamedics is an innovative new health and wellbeing platform. We help organisations deliver remote consultations, assessments and digital wellbeing services to employees, customers and patients. It is designed specifically to support employers to meet stringent Health & Safety Executive (HSE) standards while enabling hospitals and specialist clinics to provide high quality telehealth services. 



Ortom8 is a cloud based, adaptive and dynamic Workload Automation platform delivering enterprise-scale, on-demand and fully flexible workload management. This secure, enterprise grade solution allows you to manage your work centrally and is scalable to large, complex tasks and organisations.


Cloud Patrol

Cloud Patrol is a SaaS product that performs network monitoring of targeted virtual private clouds (VPCs) and to visually represent analytics and threats detected on network data. The data will be represented in a user-friendly graphically animated globe where the animations (ie. zooming and panning) of the globe view is user controllable in a web based user interface.


Decipher Innovation was born when Mitra partnered with Jacob Bailey to build a digital marketing boutique consultancy, delivering software products that not only help solve a business issue, but also provide genuine business intelligence. DestinationCore is Decipher Innovation’s principal product, a Place Marketing website platform that delivers analytics on the effectiveness of all digital marketing activity.



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