Mitra’s experience creating virtual teams, across multiple global locations has led us to develop a methodology that brings the right processes, tools and working practices together to deliver effective and efficient co-development.

We use our co-development methodology to:

Build effective teams

Fill critical skills gaps

Boost productivity and capacity

Accelerate time to market

Sustain momentum throughout the lifetime of the project

Eliminate costly re-work

When teams are geographically distributed and individually isolated, we sustain the drive for innovation right through to delivery.


Accelerating Digital Healthcare Innovation

Business Benefits

Effective and efficient remote co-development

Increased development capacity and productivity

Cover in-house skills gaps with experienced resources

Improved time to market or execution

Early collaboration reduces misunderstandings and re-work

leap in

Leap in!

Mitra worked closely with Leap in! to co-develop their claims processing engine, app and on-line experience.  Read how we delivered life changing innovation here.


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