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How to achieve agile innovation with flawless, always available systems? How to accelerate time to market, eliminate bad releases and improve overall code quality? How to get innovation and development teams working seamlessly with IT operations and support?

Mitra have been practitioners of the DevOps methodology since its inception. We’ve helped multiple organisations, including leading global banks, understand where they are on their DevOps adoption journey and to achieve the significant benefits the methodology delivers. Our bespoke DevOps maturity assessment service gives you a snapshot of your current status, identifies fixes and adjustments, providing a road map of your next steps to achieve the full benefit of a DevOps adoption within your organisation. At Mitra, we know what “good” looks like and how to achieve it.

Business Benefits

Increased automation for testing and recovery

Resilient and self-healing solutions

Cost and productivity optimisation

Reduction in system bugs and failures

Collaborative and innovative culture

Improved agility and time to market


Moneta Money Bank

Mitra helped Moneta Money Bank transform their IT estate creating a seamless, responsive and multi-channelled customer experience with improved customer engagement and retention. Read how using the DevOps methodology also delivered accelerated time to market and cost efficiencies.  More on this story here

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