Mitra has partnered with WSO2 to deliver an access management solution that securely captures and manages customer identity and profile data, allowing your customers to carry that data with them throughout the entire customer journey. This means a single login across multiple services and devices, as well as a more intuitive, frictionless customer experience, with overall security improved so that both you and your customers are protected from accidental data breaches.

Business Benefits

Increased security protects against accidental data breaches

Increased customer privacy and protection

Seamless, omnichannel customer experience

Mitra as a Global integration partner ensures integration across platforms

Flexibility to securely manage the customers access to platforms and services without impacting customer experience

Critical enabler of a customer 360 record

Moneta Money Bank

Mitra worked with a major Vietnamese Bank to enrich the customer experience using APIs to extend its core banking to include third party services, as well as enabling a seamless experience across channels with single login. Read more on how this Vietnamese Bank benefitted from CIAM here.

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