Founded in 1999 to provide professional sports coaching to school children in London and the south east, today SCL is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of education through sport. Through its two divisions – SCL Education & Training and SCL School Sport & Children’s Activities, SCL offers a wide-range of engaging, forward-thinking and successful programmes.


As SCL grew, it sought a way to measure the performance of its lead conversion process. The company needed a systematic approach to tracking leads, opportunities and conversions as well as revenue forecasting. There was also a requirement to track all communication, emails, phone calls etc. with the potential leads.


Mitra Innovation developed a solution using Creatio’s sales product in order to address the challenges experienced by both SCL Education & Training as well as SCL School Sport & Children’s Activities. Mitra provided customised solutions to each branch of the business within the same implementation, providing the means to measure lead conversion performance and how well revenue from each lead was forecast.


The customer required Out-Of-The-Box innovation in a challenging time frame and Mitra Innovation provided a secure, fully integrated CRM solution, tailored to the exact needs of each branch of the organisation, at a competitive cost.


Automated data gathering

CRM solution customised to the exact needs of both parts of the business

Rapid deployment using Creatio low-code

Insight into lead/opportunity management process

Revenue forecasting allows for planning and capital investment

Customer Testimonial - Richard Massey, Business Transformation Lead of SCL Education