Innovation Drives Customer Engagement at Moneta


Based in the Czech Republic and one of the leading providers of banking and financial services to retail and commercial clients in the SME segment, Moneta Money Bank (Moneta) has over a million clients, more than 200 branches and operates over 650 ATMs across the country. In 2017, Moneta embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey designed to make the bank more competitive. The vision included increasing market share by providing online services, increasing the major products sold online by 40% and becoming a digital leader in the banking marketplace by 2020.



Moneta’s legacy Oracle FlexCube platform, although providing a reliable database and core banking applications supporting around 40 million calls a day, didn’t allow decentralised, agile and parallel development.  Maintenance of the system, as well as Integration with other applications and platforms had become difficult, time consuming and expensive. The lack of support for Open APIs, meant development of an integrated, seamless customer experience across channels could not be achieved without moving platforms.

Moneta chose WSO2, a global, open-source enterprise platform and methodology for integrating platforms and systems, and after a rigorous selection process appointed Mitra Innovation, a Premier Integration Partner to manage their digital transformation project. We proposed an enterprise-class, scalable solution that would allow Moneta to realise their vision of a fully integrated, seamless, secure customer experience.

Working with Mitra Innovation has truly enabled Moneta to further its digital transformation aspirations.

It has been a pleasure working with the Mitra team, whose work has created such a huge difference to the organisation and the future of Moneta.

Without Mitra, we simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have for our customers, and for that, I thank them.

Vladimir KleinCIO of Moneta Money Bank


Moneta partnered with Mitra Innovation to transform its middleware stack using WSO2’s integration platform, rolling out its Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Application Program Interface (API) Manager. The new architecture, designed, built and deployed by Mitra’s WSO2 systems experts, eliminated many pain points for Moneta. It resolves integration issues, provides a common API layer for all applications, delivers centralised identity management and access control and has enabled the creation of an app ecosystem. With Mitra maintaining the platform, Moneta can ensure information integrity and security, high levels of performance with a scalable response to customer and market driven innovation. Moneta have achieved their vision of providing a seamless, responsive and multi-channelled customer experience with improved customer engagement and retention, painless digital transformation of a legacy system into a fully integrated, scalable, secure, state of the art solution.

Agile Development

Mitra brought to Moneta a fully collaborative approach to their digital transformation journey, which allowed for rapid, parallel development of discrete software solutions, and the ability to deploy on-demand. This methodology means much faster deployment, reducing costs and timescales, adding value to the overall project.

WSO2 Integration Platform

Moving to a modern Integration Platform (IP) was a critical element for Moneta, as it is a fundamental part of supporting modern transactional standards. The move has enabled the bank to manage the API lifecycle, security and much more, as native functionality of the platform.

Operational Innovation

Moneta can now create on-demand releases from a platform supporting the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). This provides competitive and operational advantage as more and more of the bank’s activities are being automated and integrated.


Mitra has taken the WSO2 framework and methodology and designed, built and delivered to Moneta a platform from which it has launched multi-channel, responsive, seamless banking services to over a million clients in the Czech Republic.

Moneta has seen an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction levels, a reduction in operating costs and enjoys a position as a market leader in digital services within the Czech Republic. Mitra maintains and supports Moneta’s WSO2 platform, ensuring on-going, demand-led innovation and transformation.


Faster, more responsive deployment made possible by decentralised, agile and parallel development

Use of modern transaction

Seamless migration from legacy to cloud and hybrid solutions enabled

Business focused and demand led releases by supporting the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Paved the way for the bank to work towards its 2020 target to be a digital leader