Established in 1993, the bank is a joint-stock commercial bank located in Vietnam. With over 6.3 million customers and recording over 4.2 million logins per day, steady growth has been achieved throughout its history. The bank has set itself an ambitious target of growth and customer service, aiming to become the most consumer-friendly, technology-driven bank in Vietnam and one of the top three most valuable by 2022. 


As the bank grew, its existing platform struggled with performance issues. The bank also wanted to enrich the customer experience using APIs to extend its core banking to include third party services, such as eWallet, as well as enabling a seamless experience across channels with single sign on. As the existing platform could not support the new services and with the in-house IT team lacking integration expertise, the bank sought a technology partner to help them deploy a new platform. Mitra had an existing relationship with the bank, having been engaged some time prior to provide enhancements to their original eWallet solution and as part of the original project, Mitra had assessed the existing platform and identified scalability and integration issues that would challenge the bank’s growth and third-party onboarding objectives. Mitra was appointed to develop a new OpenAPI and Microservices platform and to onboard a new eWallet partner (SmartNet). Mitra was also engaged to provide L2 & L3 support.


Mitra helped the bank to build a new WSO2 based middleware, fully integrated, OpenAPI and Microservices Platform, enabling rapid development of, and access to APIs. The bank was not only able to increase the range of core services it offered, it would also benefit from Mitra’s implementation of WSO2 Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) offering a secure, seamless single sign on experience to all customers across service channels. Mitra also migrated The bank’s existing eWallet solution to the new platform as an effective test before onboarding third party services. WSO2 now ensures high availability, security, stability, maintainability, extensibility and the scalability required to achieve its growth targets.  Mitra also introduced development standards:

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)
  • Unit testing and automated integration testing
  • Performance testing to ensure the platform could meet existing and future demand
  • A centralised Logging and Auditing system
  • A centralised Monitoring and Alerting system

Mitra ensured the data centre and disaster recovery procedures were fit for purpose and undertook detailed training of the bank’s IT team members on using and supporting the new platform. In addition, Mitra also put in place a bespoke Managed Services package. 

Open Banking

The OpenAPI and Microservices WSO2 middleware platform is an open source, enterprise-class solution that supports API publishing, lifecycle management, application development, access control and analytics in one cleanly integrated system. 


Mitra designed and ran a detailed training programme ensuring the IT support team at the bank were able to provide effective and comprehensive support and maintenance as soon as the project went live. 

Operational Standards

The bank now has a platform that supports on-demand releases using the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). This provides competitive and operational advantage as the bank extends its core banking services.


As the new platform build progressed, The Bank decided to move their existing eWallet partner (TrueMoney) to the new platform demonstrating confidence in both Mitra and the new platform. 

The high demand that the TrueMoney eWallet application generates was seamlessly managed. As a result, all The Bank’s eWallet partners are planning to move to the new platform. The Bank has seen more rapid deployment of products and services using the CI/CD pipeline, enjoying enhanced analytics which provide data on how services are being used, improving decision making and planning. In parallel with ensuring The Bank’s IT support team are fully trained on the new platform, Mitra continues to provide our bespoke Managed Services, with incident handling (Level 2 and Level 3) for the new middleware platform.


Stable, highly available middleware platform with 99.99% uptime

System capacity of 1000+ transactions per second

CI/CD accelerated deployment sees rapid go-to-market for new products and services

Centralised logging and monitoring increased the efficiency of issue handling

Seamless partner onboarding to the OpenAPI and MSA platform

Built-in analytics identify usage trends and provide data market insights