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Australia’s leading National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan manager was set up following the rollout of a new government scheme in 2013 for disability funding. Leap in! is a joint venture between UnitingCare Queensland and UnitingCare New South Wales. The organisation strives to support those in need to live extraordinary lives and empower those who need advice, support or coaching by making the NDIS funding accessible.

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Following the launch of NDIS, the care organisations wanted to create a fresh brand reflecting the innovative nature of the scheme and provide an intuitive, digital solution. The Leap in! team wanted to build a one-stop shop app, allowing users to prepare, plan and manage their NDIS budget.

With a diverse target audience, the biggest challenge was designing a user-friendly app that would encourage those with a disability to make the most of available funding. Having started the project with a basic app, Leap in! wanted to evolve this to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Being a charity start-up, Leap in! needed a cost-effective solution and sought a development partner who could deliver a high-quality application for a reasonable price. Leap In! engaged with Mitra Innovation, a Consulting Partner for AWS, and found its team of application experts, and their expertise in running agile projects to be the perfect fit.

Some tech teams are special. They understand the business they’re supporting, have deep technical knowledge, their quality practices support excellence and real achievement, they collaborate and communicate well, everyone works in harmony, and when they make a commitment to achieve a deadline - they deliver it. In short, they make a difference in people’s lives.

The Mitra Leap in! team, is a team like this.

Our team members who use the systems they’ve created day in, day out, tell me they’ve never worked with a company with systems that work so well or where they feel so supported. For our customers and their families, they can dip into the Leap in! app, check their budgets, approve their invoices, update their profiles, look up their account history, and it feels easy and painless. They can then focus on the business of living their best lives despite the challenges their disabilities bring.

I’m so proud and privileged to work with these legends. We’re doing amazing things together. In the future, we’ll streamline our back office even more, we’ll help members squeeze more value out of their budgets and connect with exactly the right supports. We’ll keep growing and inventing more new features together. I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Jane SheehyCTO of Leap in!


Mitra worked closely with Leap in! developing a strong understanding of the NDIS scheme and their vision for the app. Leap in! chose to use AWS as a platform so they could cherry pick the services they required, keeping costs low, but ensuring flexibility and scalability. The requirements of the app were twofold; firstly, provide the latest information to support members getting ready for the NDIS plan meeting. Mitra revamped the app so that it always provided the most up to date information. Secondly, for members with an NDIS plan in place, the app would assist them in securing appropriate resources whilst maximising their agreed budget. This required integration with multiple internal and external systems, providing information from disparate sources. The Mitra team enhanced the platform to enable fast, reliable, secure integration between all components, making for a seamless member and provider experience.

Intuitive Platform

The app was designed to be highly intuitive, responsive and easily kept up to date with information to support initial applications and those looking for service providers once approved funding became available.

AWS Solution

The ability to cherry pick services via the AWS platform is extremely important to Leap In! as it keeps the costs down but still allows flexibility, scalability and the security of a global, trusted, digital service provider.

Mobile Apps

Mitra have a wealth of experience when it comes to mobile apps and we took pride in delivering the enhanced version of this one, as its strength is in its simplicity, its reliability and its flexibility.


A highly intuitive, user-friendly app that enables members to access funding and maximise their allocated budget. Leap in! has been able to achieve its goal of helping Australians with disabilities, by connecting them with providers and the community groups who support them.

Impressed with the quality of the app, Leap in! is planning to work with Mitra Innovation to increase its functionality, with the aim to make it more intuitive with user-generated content and the use of AI.


Creating a secure, intuitive platform for maximum engagement

Greater uptake of the funding available via the scheme

Being the charity of choice for accessing the funding standards

A single joined-up app that means users do not need to navigate elsewhere

Partnering with Leap in! Australia to help people with disabilities - Using AWS Lambda!