Innovation and Technology Protecting our Most Vulnerable


A young tech company, based in Northern Ireland who took on the challenge of building an innovative new assisted living service that enables elderly people to live independently in their own homes. Using a smartphone app, a wrist strap, and a base station, Kraydel provides real-time updates for relatives checking on elderly loved ones. The app tracks daily movement, ambient temperature within the home, whether they have taken appropriate medication, and flags any issues. The service also provides elderly people with peace of mind, with help just a click away.


Kraydel required an innovation partner to help them design and build the product and service, which presented several technical challenges. For example, one of the main features of the product is ‘real time event communication’, which ensures immediate changes in the elderly person’s condition are reported to their relatives – e.g. their heart rate drops, or they have fallen over, or they have been sleeping for too long compared to normal patterns. The ‘real time event communication’ function created the need for a real time data processor, with high volume data support to handle the ‘millions of data points per second’ that Kraydel devices generate. Furthermore, the Kraydel platform also needed the ability to notify relatives and emergency services in emergency situations. This required a tool capable of alerting certain sets of people for each elderly individual – all of whom may have different preferences when it comes to receiving notifications.

By choosing to integrate WSO2 into Kraydel, the team at Mitra Innovation have provided us with the ability to launch our exciting new service and product onto
the market and grow at an accelerated rate. The flexible nature of WSO2 has also enabled us to work with Mitra Innovation and make changes to the platform as we progress, which is crucial for an innovative and fast-paced start-up such as ours.

Paul MoorheadCTO of Kraydel


WSO2 Data Analytics Server (DAS) was selected for its ability to analyse data in real time so alerts would happen in a time sensitive manner. It allows configuration of different types of event receivers, so different messages can be added, and ensures that Kraydel is highly configurable with other software/hardware components. The DAS also supports predictive analysis of the data which Kraydel can use to detect future health risks in the elderly people it serves. The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was important for connecting different software components making up the Kraydel platform. For example, if the DAS generates an alert, it is important for this to reach the right people in the right way. Mitra Innovation helped Kraydel to develop the technology behind the business by taking advantage of WSO2 components to both design the platform and undertake the development work.

Innovative Design

Mitra’s experience incubating start-ups and promoting smart design, helped Kraydel design, build and deploy a highly innovative product and service using the power and flexibility of WSO2 open-source components.

Enterprise Ready

By using WSO2, Kraydel’s journey to market was accelerated, and costs were kept to a minimum. Mitra helped ensure the platform was ‘enterprise ready’, being highly scalable, and able to integrate to any external providers.

Real-Time, Targeted Messaging

The crux of the Kraydel service is the ability to detect anomalies and send a real-time alert to a specific set of contacts, via a medium of their choice. The processing scalability of the DAS solution means this is done reliably and precisely, avoiding delays.


WSO2 has been the perfect solution for Kraydel. It enabled Mitra to choose the right applications and connectors throughout the development lifecycle in order to build the service as a whole and make the build more efficient in terms of time, cost and flexibility.

This innovative solution has accelerated to market a smart and important product and service which is gaining traction.


Accelerated route to market 

Flexible platform that can easily integrate with external providers

Reliability of critical real-time data messaging  

Cost effective, highly scalable, secure and robust platform

Management of complex data analytics