Mitra Help Komercni Banka Achieve DevOps Maturity


Founded in 1990 and with a managing stake owned by leading financial services group Société Générale, Komerční Banka offers a wide range of products and services in retail, investment, and corporate banking. With over 1.6 million customers, 8,000 staff and an operating income of US$1.3B to end 2019, Komerční Banka is one of the leading banks in the Czech Republic and extends its reach across Central and Eastern Europe.


As Komerční Banka grew, it sought to introduce practices around software development and IT operations that would shorten the development lifecycle, improve efficiency and spearhead continuous integration and continuous deployment of high-quality software. Komerční Banka had spent some time looking at DevOps as a means of improving software development and operational efficiency and asked Mitra Innovation to help them accelerate their digital transformation journey to full DevOps adoption.

The challenge was to undertake a full appraisal of the platforms, systems and operational processes and develop a roadmap for their full migration to DevOps.

I’d like to thank you for the job that you did. The assessment report is very complex, and it contains everything we requested. So, thank you again and looking forward to our next co-operation.

Jindrich KubatHead of Development, Komerční Banka


At Mitra Innovation we understand that it can be difficult to measure the efficiency of multiple software development teams across different platforms, systems and projects. To shed light on where things are going right, and more importantly where they may be going wrong, we have developed our DevOps Maturity Assessment Model (M3/DevOps) using DevOps Research and Assessments (DORA) Metrics. We applied the model to Komerční Banka’s software development and delivery practices, where it provided a snapshot of where the bank was on its DevOps journey. As part of the model we assessed the 4 key DevOps aspects, People, Process, Technology and Culture. We conducted interviews with over 115 team members from 13 different teams within the bank, assessed 28 different areas of the business and held multiple key stakeholder and feedback sessions.

DevOps Maturity

Using the proven M3/DevOps model with DORA metrics, Mitra provided Komerční Banka with a detailed snapshot of their software development and IT operations efficiency.

Detailed Analysis

The detailed analysis undertaken allowed Mitra to advise Komerční Banka on how to move forward with further DevOps adoption, to deliver fast, secure, more efficient innovation to the business.

On-Going Assessment

The M3/DevOps model can be applied periodically to the business, allowing the bank to measure progress and apply targeted measures where needed most.


Mitra produced a detailed report around the key DevOps aspects of People, Process, Technology and Culture, including detailed maturity indexes across the business, SWOT analysis charts, projections, recommendations and insights. The report and accompanying metrics provide Komerční Banka with a targeted roadmap of how to achieve DevOps maturity.

The report has been presented to all key stakeholders and Mitra look forward to Komerční Banka’s response to the recommendations made.


M3/DevOps model with DORA metrics providing DevOps maturity snapshot

M3/DevOps model roadmap for DevOps improvement targets

Direct recommendations for specific systems/platforms/operations

Multiple, detailed, long-term roadmap targets