Mitra Delivers Scalable Cloud Based Innovation


A successful company with over 1,000 subscribers, GuardianMPS, based in Northern Ireland, operates in the lone working, mobile working and visiting worker personal safety industry. Using a mobile application with an instant panic button, the company specialises in creating and maintaining communications between co-workers and supervisors working in the field. If an employee needs help in a dangerous situation, or they feel under threat, colleagues are sent all the information about where they are and what they are doing at the touch of a button, effecting a rapid response.


As GuardianMPS were successfully, and rapidly expanding their business, their on-site systems and data centre began to struggle with performance and reliability. With little or no redundancy in the existing systems, they could not easily, and cost effectively be scaled to meet increased demand, nor could additional functionality be easily added and integrated. Furthermore, the costs of IT support and business continuity were spiralling upwards.

GuardianMPS chose Mitra Innovation as their technology consulting partner, to take on the challenge of designing a more scalable, flexible, integrated, secure and cost-effective solution. As a Consulting Partner for AWS, Mitra Innovation had the experience and the know how to design an innovative cloud-based solution.

Mitra Innovation were recommended by a colleague who was already one of their clients.

I have been impressed by their wide-ranging expertise, professional work ethic, communication skills and attention to detail.

I won’t hesitate to use them as my number one development partner going forward.

Paul DonnellyCTO of Guardian MPS


Mitra Innovation recommended Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most popular global vendors in the Cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market. AWS encompasses a wide range of technology services, including storage and compute, analytics, data management and governance. Together, this set of services form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the Cloud” to help businesses scale and grow. Mitra’s project team undertook a business requirements analysis and identified the existing components that needed to be migrated. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was selected to provide secure, flexible compute capacity and its simple web interface would allow GuardianMPS to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. Additionally, the cloud-based solution makes use of Amazon’s proven computing power and secure environment. Switching to Amazon Web Services saved time, money, and manpower for GuardianMPS.

Cloud Based Virtual

AWS hosts GuardianMPS’s business platform on cloud based virtual servers. These can be throttled dynamically to provide as much or as little processing power as required, and because customers simply pay for the services they use, there are no up-front costs.

Scalable Cloud based Data Storage

GuardianMPS had a large quantity of media files stored on their legacy servers. The business found it increasingly difficult to manage and backup the files as the business grew. The AWS Simple Storage Solution (S3) was chosen for its secure service with high availability and high scalability.


Mitra Innovation helped GuardianMPS design, build, migrate, integrate and manage workloads and applications. As a Consulting Partner for AWS, Mitra was able to utilise the power, diversity, flexibility and scalability of AWS by identifying the services required for GuardianMPS.


Mitra has used the power of AWS and designed a systems platform to enable the digital vision of GuardianMPS, allowing it to respond to the rapid growth of the company. The digital transformation brings secure, scalable and reliable data processing and storage, along with the necessary tools to monitor and manage these resources.

The platform allows Guardian MPS to pay for the services and capacity they need without the overheads of an on-site data centre and IT support staff, so operational costs are significantly reduced. The solution also futureproofs the systems as they are fully maintained and managed by AWS.


Reliable and secure business systems 

Seamless migration from legacy to cloud solutions enabled

Better access to critical business data     

Reduced operational costs  

Fully maintained and managed platform