Driving Strong Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiency


An Australian company, who have blazed a trail in the coworking space since their inception in 1980. They provide architect-designed workspaces with a variety of large shared areas and amenities giving members flexibility in how and where they work. Christie Spaces recently launched their newest coworking space in Brisbane with 3,500 square metres of office space across three podium levels.


Attracting new members that are constantly on the lookout for cost effective and high-quality offerings, remains the biggest challenge for coworking spaces. Christie Spaces needed to address their own operational management and adapt to evolving business models. Christie wanted to upgrade their web portal to provide the best user experience for their clients, as well as providing them with the convenience and flexibility of a mobile app.

“Thank you to our Mitra project team for the completion of our phase 3 production on our Christie Spaces App. There were many challenges in each production release and the team worked tirelessly to meet timelines and find the right solution which was great! In particular the 64 bit code upgrade and the front/backend logic for our surging meeting room points request needed planning to execute a successful deployment. Not an easy task! These changes have improved our internal working flows and improved the customer experience for our members along with acknowledging our new company branding with the UI. We look forward to working with Mitra project teams again in the future.”

Michael BaumanGeneral Manager, Christie Spaces


Christie Spaces embarked on an ambitious digital transformation program, redesigning, integrating and moving their internal business platform to the cloud. They partnered with Mitra Innovation to help them upgrade their web admin portal and to create a mobile app for their clients. Mitra designed the mobile app to allow clients to access their account and book rooms on the go, ensuring an enhanced and seamless customer experience.
Mitra’s solution included:

  • New branding changes in the application
  • Improvements to the site link integration
  • Improvements to the admin reports
  • Resolved caching issues and other bugs
  • Android code upgrade to support 64bit OS
  • Surge points implementation
  • Successful handover to managed services
Improved Workflow

Mitra Innovation upgraded and streamlined Christie’s admin web portal, resolving integration and caching issues, and implemented surge point management, improving service delivery to their clients.

Mobile Apps

Mitra tailored Christie’s mobile app to their specific business requirements. This public facing, time saving app brings Christie’s services seamlessly to their customers, streamlining the customer experience and building engagement and promoting their brand.

Customer Experience

With client engagement at the heart of Christie’s business model, having a fast, flexible and secure means of delivering services is vital to growing the business and maintaining competitive advantage. Mitra delivered an enhanced client experience.


Christie Spaces promises you will “discover a space that grows with your ideas”. Mitra Innovation has delivered a solution of digital maturity, one that will grow as Christie’s business grows. By designing and deploying a mobile app to allow clients to book rooms remotely and in real-time, Christie has engaged with a new generation of digital natives looking for a seamless, joined-up customer experience.


Improved customer experience with use of mobile app

Improved internal workflows

Refreshed User Interface with Christie’s new branding

Zero downtime, business continuity and storage / processing on demand as part of IaaSSerge point management delivers enhanced customer experience

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