Mitra's Agile Integration Proves a Game Changer


As a leading, frontier market investment bank, based in Sri Lanka, they offer a comprehensive selection of integrated investment and capital market solutions to a diverse group of clients including financial institutions, family-run corporations, and high-net-worth individuals. Since their inception in 2000, Capital Alliance (CAL) have used their financial market expertise and keen understanding of their clients, to deliver highly customised, innovative investment solutions.



As Capital Alliance grew, their internal systems and production environments also grew. CAL operated three disparate systems facilitating customer record creation and transactions, each with its own user database and the inherent maintenance, communication and scalability issues that model implies. CAL needed to rationalise their data to a single profile for each user, that could be accessed enterprise wide. As a long-term client of Mitra Innovation, they requested our services to design a solution to enable this vital information exchange, identifying, selecting and transforming the information to the necessary format required by each of their systems.  

We’re pleased with the project outcomes. As a bonus Mitra Innovation also gave us two valuable tools to work by, which are now considered common sense within our organisation: Agile development; and WSO2 ESB. Capital Alliance will forever be grateful for these learnings because the two solutions have changed our path completely.

Ajith FernandoMD and CEO of Capital Alliance


Mitra Innovation provided a highly skilled and experienced integration team, using Agile methodology and practices. An integration analysis was undertaken to demonstrate Mitra’s complete understanding of how data would be transferred between applications and the existing data warehouse. The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was selected as it would allow a single point of creation and update for each customer record, ensuring a single point of truth.  Services such as logging, security and audit functionalities are native WSO2 services and were developed as platform capabilities. As part of the deliverables, Mitra undertook a comprehensive training schedule to ensure CAL developers could support and maintain the platform going forward. Mitra helped CAL evolve an integrated, fully supported middleware platform, streamlining data management and enhancing the customer experience.

Data Management

Mitra Innovation has extensive experience helping businesses like Capital Alliance streamline and rationalise their legacy systems. Here, using our knowledge of WSO2, we sought to enable CAL to provide the best customer service possible through effective data management.

Agile Development

Our project disciplines brought about a rapid and effective development and deployment within CAL, who feel this exposure to Agile principles has changed the way they run projects forever.


Mitra ran a comprehensive training programme to ensure technical staff at CAL were able to provide effective and comprehensive support and maintenance as soon as the project went live.


Mitra has taken the WSO2 framework and methodology and designed, built and delivered to Capital Alliance a secure, flexible, scalable platform that grows as they do. Management of data and hence the client experience is enhanced, resulting in an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Mitra also provided a comprehensive training schedule, so technical staff can maintain and support CAL’s WSO2 platform.


Effective data management made possible by WSO2 ESB deployment

Flexible, industry standard platform from which to grow

Fully integrated, seamless customer experience

On-site technical staff fully trained to support and maintain installation