Established in 1999, Caledonia has grown to become one of the largest privately owned specialist temporary access companies in Australia and New Zealand, providing scaffolding, insulation, cladding, design, engineering and consultancy to the construction industry. With some 13,000m2 of facility space, 200+ employees and a comprehensive inventory of vehicles, access equipment and scaffold materials, Caledonia Group undertakes the largest projects in the industry.


The Caledonia Group has multiple work sites where hundreds of discrete items and materials, mainly scaffolding, are being issued, erected and dismantled on a daily basis. The management of the logistics was being undertaken manually, an onerous task in itself but also leading to mistakes and operational inefficiencies. Furthermore, it was impossible to plan projects efficiently, obtain planning insights, analyse how the materials were being utilised or share information with other sites and colleagues.

The Caledonia Group also wanted a rapid solution that solved their logistical issues quickly and cost effectively with the minimum of intervention.


Mitra proposed a low-code no-code solution using the Creatio platform in order to develop a scaffolding and tool management system capable of handling the logistics of the scaffolding request management process, whilst also providing analytics and planning forecasts. 

The solution handled complex billing calculations where the same materials are billed at different rates for different contracts. The billing algorithm facilitated backdated transactions and quotation generation, using data imported from existing transactional based systems. This rapid, phased development resolved the logistical issues around scaffolding and tool distribution to customers, increasing client satisfaction, ensuring efficient utilisation of the scaffold and tool resources and providing real insight for planning and capital investment. 


Automating the logistics around the issuing, erection and dismantling of scaffolding and construction tools has vastly reduced the time taken to undertake this onerous task, reduced errors and inefficiencies in the manual system and increased customer satisfaction. The Creatio Low Code solution allowed for rapid iterative innovation providing Caledonia Group with the data required to make better decisions around planning and capital investment.


Automated logistics function avoids errors, making the process more efficient

A more efficient, secure system has led to increased customer satisfaction

Rapid deployment using Creatio low-code

Shared insights on how the logistics process is managed

Detailed forecasting  allows for targeted capital investment