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Partnering with Leap in! Australia to help people with disabilities – using AWS Lambda Serverless architecture

Mitra Innovation partnered with Leap in! as they launched an innovative platform to the disability sector in Australia.

Leap in! is a disruptive not-for-profit startup that assists people with disabilities and their ‘crew’ – families, friends and support workers, to navigate the new scheme. The Leap in! app provides a simple and accessible way for its users to prepare for the scheme, then manage their budgets and access supports. The platform also connects providers into the ecosystem to make it simpler for them to deliver and claim for services.

The Australian government is investing heavily to improve the lives of people with disabilities, rolling out a new approach to funding under the banner of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The scheme is designed to support the independence, social and economic participation of people with disability, and give them choice and control in how they achieve reasonable and necessary life goals.

Mitra Innovation will assist Leap in! to keep evolving their product to transform lives for the better.  As a strategic partner responsible for platform architecture, platform roadmap, development and deployment, Mitra Innovation works closely with the ambitious Australian-based Leap in! to launch their business in 2018.

Jane Sheehy
 CTO of Leap in!

We are excited about the partnership with Mitra Innovation.  We have big plans, so we need a partner who shares our passion for our mission, agile innovation and technical excellence. As a not-for-profit we need to make every dollar count.  Mitra Innovation ticks all those boxes, and we are excited about how they will help us develop a more inclusive society in Australia

Sudaraka Jayashanka
 Chief Technology Officer

The opportunity to be involved in a project that aims to assist people with disabilities is a deeply satisfying cause to us. We make the journey even more exciting by implementing some of the most advanced web and computing technologies out there. We are using AWS Lambda in the development of Leap in! to achieve serverless computing at a fraction of the cost, if not for AWS.

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