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Senior Project Manager

Development Centre /Client Sites

Senior Project Manager

Location: Development Centre /Client Sites

Job Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Actively contributing to the project management practice and overall productivity improvements of the Company
  • Ensure project delivery as per customer expectations, cost, quality and time dimensions
  • Guiding project team members in organizing their work, make presentations, setting priorities, handling conflicting demands, making decisions etc.
  • Assisting product owner to strike a balance between product features vs. product quality by providing required information
  • Continuous learning on project management and scrum methodology and share the new learning with project stakeholders
  • Remove project bottlenecks and increase team productivity
  • Analyze burn down charts on daily basis and prevent task slippage
  • Manage customer expectations and minimize escalations
  • Review stories for the sprint and ensure sufficient effort is provisioned for non-functional, infrastructure and defect fixes
  • Manage changes and feedback outside of sprint. (i.e. any feedback or change request received during sprint execution or after sprint review should go to backlog. Backlog to be reviewed and re-prioritized
  • Escalate customer concerns in a timely manner to mitra leadership
  • Educate team on product vision, road map, main releases
  • Support product owner on maintaining product backlog and user stories
  • Create billing sheets at the end of the month
  • Ensure daily time logs against product. Weekly review of time entries of the team and notify finance for any deviation.
  • Checking all the models the team uses (e.g. Sprint backlog, metrics, etc.) and show them differences between the model and the real world.
  • Helping the team to keep focus (e.g. by acting as a buffer between external distractions and the team).
  • Helping team members to have a manageable workload; prevent burnouts

Requirement Competencies, Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in computing/IT or business management
  • Professional qualifications preferably PMP/CSM
  • Prior experience in handling large scale projects/ multinational teams
  • 8+ years’ experience in project management
  • Sound knowledge on Agile/Scrum framework
  • Ability to understand the requirements of different business domains and technicalities of software engineering
  • Ability to communicate effectively with different project stakeholders

General Responsibilities

Flexibility: The post holder may be required to work at any of the Mitra sites in line with service & operational needs. The post holder may be required to undertake such other duties temporarily, or on a continuing basis as may be required commensurate with this role. This may include periods of time working on client premises and / or internationally.

Confidentiality, Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Computer Misuse: All staff must ensure confidentiality and security of information dealt with in the course of performing their duties. They must comply with and keep up to date with Mitra policies and legislation on confidentiality, data protection, freedom of information and computer misuse. Any matter of a confidential nature, particularly information relating to customers or other members of staff, must not, under any circumstances, be divulged or passed on
to any unauthorized persons. This duty extends after employment ceases.

Communication: All staff should be able to communicate effectively and in line with Mitra style of communications.

Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management: All staff are required to adhere to and act consistently with all relevant health and safety legislation and procedures in order to ensure that their own and the health, safety and security of others is maintained. This will include identifying and reporting all risks to health and safety, security of equipment and property.

Equality and Diversity: Actively promote Mitra’s commitment to equality and diversity by treating all colleagues and customers with dignity and respect.
Mandatory, job related training and personal development: Take a proactive approach to own personal development in order to ensure that skills are aligned to the demands of the role as it evolves and develops to meet the organization’s changing needs.

Data Quality: It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure data is of a high-quality standard, in order to support Mitra in providing a quality service. Data must be accurate, valid, reliable, timely, relevant and complete.

Standards of Business Conduct: It is the responsibility of all employees to conduct all businessin an open, honest and ethical manner. Mitra is committed to acting with integrity in all its dealings and relationships with customers, partners and other organizations

To apply, please email your CVs to