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Technological innovation has always been at the heart of the business since Mitra’s inception in 2012. Designing and building unique and groundbreaking products and services is what we do, and Eagle Boys is a story which highlights Mitra’s innovative talents.

Eagle Boys was one of Australia’s largest pizza makers with over 270 stores. They started with one store in Albury, New South Wales in 1987 and grew the business with stores across Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Northern Territory.

With a passion for delivering great taste and customer service Eagle Boys chose Mitra as their technology partner in 2014, outsourcing the running of their entire production platform. Mitra added new features and provided 24×7 support to their 270+ stores. Replacing native mobile apps with a new web app was a major success, which saw orders grow by between 40-55%.

“The Team at Mitra should be congratulated for being adaptive and intuitive to our requirements, whilst providing a high level of responsiveness and support to our requests and ever changing requirements. Over the period we have worked together the team has become a valuable part of the business. “ Daniel Austin – Business Development Manager, Eagle Boys

Eagle Boys wanted to stay ahead in the pizza industry, and with Mitra’s help they brought the concept of Virtual DriveThru technology to life. The revolutionary new process was developed and implemented by the team at Mitra in just seven days.

Virtual DriveThru allows customers to have their pizzas delivered to their car when they arrive at an Eagle Boys store to collect their orders. The technology works by allowing customers to let their store know they have arrived by simply pressing a button on their handheld device (phone, tablet etc). Once the button is pressed, an Eagle Boys team member knows to take the pizza out to the car park and deliver it to the customer.

Virtual DriveThru was the first of its kind for the pizza industry and Mitra is proud to have played a part, having been Eagle Boys’ research and development partner for a period of 18 months. To implement the technology within seven days Mitra also worked with Australian technology company Delivery Command.

Mitra’s CEO, Ashok Suppiah, said: “Eagle Boys and Mitra Innovation constantly strive to achieve greater customer satisfaction. This passion and drive led to the creation of Virtual DriveThru, allowing us to enhance the customer’s pickup experience.”

Once Mitra understood Eagle Boys’ requirement to improve the ‘door-to-car-door’ option we expedited the process by enhancing existing customer workflows, leveraging an incorporated progressive technology, and helping to launch the feature to market.

Ashok states: “Innovation is the corner-stone of life improvements, with technology revolutions demonstrating major value to end-users by eliminating complex processes. Virtual DriveThru is a great example of this.”

The first trial of Eagle Boys’ Virtual DriveThru was a great success and the technology was rolled out across all stores in Australia.

Eagle Boys CEO, Nick Vincent, said “It is an exciting innovation for Eagle Boys to be providing customers with added convenience. By introducing this technology, we are not only making the pizza ordering experience even more convenient for our customers, we are effectively eliminating the need for mums and dads to unload their kids when they arrive at their local Eagle Boys store, or for that matter, customers ever getting wet again on rainy nights just to enjoy our delicious pizzas.”

Eagle Boys were so successful they drew the attention of industry giant Pizza Hut, who ultimately bought the business. The Virtual DriveThru, along with many other technological components Eagle Boys had, that Mitra had worked on, so impressed Pizza Hut that they chose to incorporate many of them into their own systems following the acquisition.

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