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What is WSO2?

WSO2 are a global, open-source, middleware supplier. They have crafted an enterprise platform and methodology that enables systems, such as CRM and accounting systems, to communicate and share data. Mitra Innovation uses middleware extensively and this article explains what it is, the powerful impact it can have, and why we recommend WSO2 middleware to our customers again and again.

What Is Middleware?

As the name suggests, middleware sits at the heart of your platform or enterprise and enables different types of software systems to ‘talk’ to each other when they might not necessarily speak the same language. Middleware gives us the ability to take discrete, modularised applications and use them again and again with an array of different software solutions on different platforms, making development more efficient and cost effective. In a world where we are more connected than ever before, and with new applications and software being developed all the time, middleware provides the vital connectivity between systems and services, enabling the seamless transfer of information from system to system when needed, regardless of platform, devices in use, location, or time.

WSO2 Middleware

WSO2 is the only open-source, cloud-ready, middleware platform and methodology available in the market, meaning it is free to use and can be customised without restriction. The nature of open-source fosters rapid development and innovation in scalable environments. In a word, it gives you control. Control over development, control over budgets, and control over infrastructure.

WSO2 is seamless and secure, encouraging rapid and innovative development customised to the needs of the business. Being cloud-based means developers can work collaboratively and rapidly in on-demand environments, learning from each other as they go. This is important in competitive industries where the ability to get software products to market swiftly can mean the difference between success and failure.

WSO2’s Range of Modules include:

  • The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a lightweight, high performance, comprehensive connectivity tool. WSO2 ESB effectively addresses integration standards and supports all integration patterns, enabling connectivity between systems and business applications
  • The WSO2 Internet of Things (IoT) server is a complete solution that enables device manufacturers and enterprises to connect and manage their devices, build apps, manage events, secure devices and data, and visualise sensor data in a scalable manner
  • The API Manager combines easy, managed API access with full API governance and analysis
  • The Comprehensive Identity Server is a central control point that connects and manages thousands of users with multiple identities across applications, APIs, the cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things devices, regardless of the standards on which they are based


WSO2’s Proven Track Record:

WSO2’s client list speaks for itself – eBay, O2, Dialog Axiata are a few.

Mitra have used it on multiple successful projects, namely:

Kraydel: A young tech company who took on the challenge of building an innovative new assisted living service that enables elderly people to live independently in their own homes. Using a smartphone app, a wrist strap, and a base station, Kraydel provides real-time updates for relatives checking on elderly loved ones. By using WSO2, Kraydel’s journey to market was accelerated, and costs were kept to a minimum. Mitra helped ensure the platform was ‘enterprise ready’, being highly scalable, and able to integrate to any external providers.

CapGemini: Mitra provided WSO2 expertise and resources to CapGemini for two of their key UK based WSO2 clients. 

Capital Alliance: A leading, frontier market investment bank, offering a comprehensive selection of integrated investment and capital market solutions to a diverse group of clients including financial institutions, family-run corporations, and high-net-worth individuals.  Mitra helped the bank find the best CRM solution and used the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to allow a single point of creation and update for each customer record, ensuring a single point of truth.  Services such as logging, security and audit functionalities are native WSO2 services and were developed as platform capabilities.  

WSO2 Telco: Mitra partnered with WSO2 to service six large Indian mobile providers.

Mitra Innovation became a Premier Certified Integration Partner of WSO2 by helping our customers choose the right WSO2 products for their business, then designing, developing and deploying elegant, seamless, cost effective and fully supported solutions. WSO2 is a powerful ally in a hyper-connected world and Mitra can harness its power for your business. 

Fraser Bell
Digital Marketing | Mitra Innovation

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